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About c++

The programming language used for general purpose is C++. This programming language has imperative, object oriented, and generic programming features along with low-level memory manipulation. C++ was introduced by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs in 1979, as an extension to the C programming language because his desire was to get an efficient and flexible language similar to C. Even the C programming language provided high-level features for program organization. Various other programming languages, such as C#, Java, and many more have been influenced by C++.

Main uses

The C++ programming language is the most versatile language in the world that is used by programmers for system programming, including operating system, device drivers, database engines, and many more. It is used to develop a variety of computer programs like digital music players. Even many video games are designed as well as programmed using the C++ programming language. Moreover, C++ allows you to develop various software, such as database, word processing, and spreadsheet. So, the uses of C++ are numerous and basically depend upon the business requirement and programming skills of the developer or a team of the developers.

History of c++

In 1979, the Danish computer scientist, Bjarne Stroustrup started working on C with classes. In 1983, C with classes was renamed to C++ as various new features were added, such as virtual functions, function name, operator overloading, and many more. In 1985, the first version of C++ was released, followed by the second update in 1991. After this, C++ evolved till 2011 along with various other features, such as enlarging the standard library and facilitating C++ programmers with more facilities. After a minor update, C++ was released again with various additions in December 2014. Today, it is one of the most popular languages boosting system programming.

Users of c++

A group of professional developers or programmers use the C++ programming language. Around 80% of the programmers use C++ programming language for system programming. These programmers or developers should have a thorough knowledge of C++ so that they can design games or use the concept of this programming language in developing system applications.

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Advantages of c++

  • This language can be used to perform operations on a computer.

  • C++ is an object-oriented programming language that has the features of low level language and is used in developing the embedded software.

  • The portability feature of the C++ programming language allows you to develop programs irrespective of hardware compatibility.

  • Programs developed in C can be moved without any modifications into C++.

  • Provides a complex data type along with the support for arithmetic operations.

  • Supports function overloading.

  • Supports user-defined operators.

Disdvantages of c++

  • It lacks security.

  • It is bootable.

  • It emphasizes on instructions more than the data.

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