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About html 5

Often people think that HTML is a programming language; instead, HTML is a markup language. It is helpful in organizing and presenting data on the Web. The latest version of HTML is HTML 5. To execute HTML 5 code, you do not require your own environment. 

Main uses

  • HTML 5 allows you to develop websites in a simplified manner.
  • Various HTML headings help the screen readers to access the content in a simplified manner.
  • You can add video and audio support in your website by using various tags such as <object> and <embed>.
  • Today, HTML 5 is considered to be an important and a relevant language for the Web development industry.
  • The HTML 5 standards have simplified the website development for the Web developers and designers.
  • HTML 5 allows you to implement client-side storage by implementing JavaScript.
  • HTML 5 helps in handling data entry on a website in a better manner.
  • You can develop cross-platform games using HTML 5.
  • HTML 5 allows you to develop applications for mobile devices.
  • Its new tags allow you to implement the drag and drop feature on the website. In other words, the items can be dragged and dropped from one location to another on the same Web page.
  • You can create your own vocabularies beyond HTML 5 and extend your Web pages with custom semantics.
  • It allows you to implement the functionality of geolocation on a Web page

History of html 5

In 2004, the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) started working on the new standard. By that time, HTML 4.01 was not updated and the W3C was focusing on the future developments. Later on HTML 5 was released with a bunch of features, such as playing audio and video within the Web pages, using Scalable Vector Graphics, and many more.

Html 5 official website

Advantages of html 5

  • Provides developers the new and meaningful ways to arrange the content. In other words, it has been moved towards the Semantic Web that may be called as Web 3.0. 

  • Allows you to design Rich Internet Applications that bridge the gap between the browser and desktop.

  • Provides tags to implement the support for audio and video elements in a Web page or website.

  • Allows Web designers to use cleaner and neater code. Various div tags can be removed and replaced with the semantic HTML 5 elements.

  • Allows or makes it easier for the developers to understand how the Web page is structured.

  • Helps in designing elegant forms and/or user interface.

Disdvantages of html 5

  • The Web pages designed using HTML 5 lacks cross-browser compatibility. In other words, code developed using HTML 5 does not have support for legacy browsers.

  • It restricts the implementation of graphics and animations.

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