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About unity3d

Unity technologies developed a cross-platform engine, which is used to build video games for PC or mobile devices. Unity targets games to multiple platforms. The platforms supported by Unity are Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and many more. The default software development kit is Unity that is provided as a free copy by Nintendo. You can develop 2D and 3D games and deploy them across mobile, desktop, and many more. With time, the five major versions of Unity have been introduced.

By providing importance to portability, the Unity3D engine targets the APIs, such as Direct3D on Windows and Xbox 360. Developers need to develop applications for various operating systems. Within a project, developers manage control the delivery of products to mobile devices.

You can purchase the Unity3D software if required. While purchasing, you can choose any of the plans that is most suited:

  • Personal
  • Plus
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Some of the Unity games are:

  • GooBall
  • Dead Frontier
  • Three Kingdoms Online
  • Cartoon Network Universe
  • Max and the Magic Maker

Main uses

  • Develop 2D and 3D games.
  • Connect with the audience.
  • Achieve success.
  • Speed up the development process.

History of unity3d

The game platform provides the latest updated project for a game engine i.e. Unity 4.0, which had been released in November 2012. Unity 3D currently provides support for development of various platforms. In 2004, players, namely David Helgason (CEO), Nicholas Francis (CCO), and Joachim Ante (CTO) in Copenhagen, Denmark had introduced the first game, GeoBall that failed to achieve success.

More than a million of developers use Unity to define gee-whiz graphics. Few companies might want to create their own game engine or buy the license to completely use the features. The initial version of Unity was introduced at Appleā€™s Worldwide Developers Conference held in 2005. Later on, Unity 3 was introduced in September 2010. Unity 3.5 was considered as one of the largest introduction for the Unity platform. Various new features and improvements were added to the existing version.

Unity3d Official website

Advantages of unity3d

  • Considers to be good for developing 3D games available online.

  • Allows you to be in touch with friends and colleagues.

  • Great sense of making games for Mobile Devices.

  • Provides easy asset workflow.

  • Serves to be simple to use.

  • Simplifies programming for developers.

Disdvantages of unity3d

  • Lags behind other engines such as UDK

  • Does not provide several features or tools, such as UDK or CryEngine

  • In comparison to Unreal Engine, the developers have to focus on the development for PCs or consoles

  • Does not allow you to start from the initial stage.

  • Lags behind as compared to the other engines such as UDK.

  • Provides expensive licenses for graphical and performance improvements.

  • Developers face many challenges while developing gaming applications using Unity.

  • Developers face many challenges while developing applications for smartphones using Unity 3D.

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