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All-inclusive service

Each project is not only handled with high level customization but also gets comprehensive ongoing support.

We are innovative

In a world that is constantly changing at blazing speeds, we stay on top of technological trends.

We have a global presence

Geographical boundaries are not a limitation as we serve clients globally. Irrespective of where you are, we meet your demands.

About skadate

SkaDate is a dating software that is open-source based used for the creating of online communities and online dating websites. The core of SkaDate is the Oxwall base, which is a PHP/MySQL written controller pattern. The software architecture is written using the latest technology that will allow on-the-fly extension by use of a native and 3rd party plugins.  3rd party developers and freelancers can also modify the code as well as create new independent plugins and themes.

Main uses

Any web-entrepreneur who is looking forward to creating a dating site or any online community then this is the best open-source platform that you can consider.

Highlighted Features

  • SEO Support
  • Antispam features
  • Advanced search
  • Integrated making
  • Banner ads
  • Classifieds photo albums.

History of skadate

The first version of the SkaDate software was first developed in 2004 by Skalfa LLC, formerly called Skalfa e-commerce. The 3rd Version of the software was developed in 2012, and in 2014, SkaDate switched to the OxWall platform. In 2014 the android version of the software was released.

Skadate official website

Official demo – how it works?

Advantages of skadate


  • Fully Customizable.
    The feature set of the software can be customized to allow you to create a unique dating site. This also allows you to have a website with the features that you only choose.
  • Quick and Easy.
    It’s very easy to install the software. The interface of the dashboard also makes it very easy to use, and you don’t need any technical knowledge. The source code is 100% unencrypted; hence you don’t require any additional skills to use the software.

  • High-profit value.
    The platform allows you to add payment plugins and purchase gateways that are customizable with membership levels.

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