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About windows phone

Microsoft developed a mobile operating system known as Windows mobile for smartphones and Pocket PC. Many versions of Window Mobile have a standard set of features, for example, multitasking. It provides Internet Connection sharing feature that allows the phone to share the network with computers through USB and Bluetooth. With the launch of new versions, the user interface has changed dramatically leaving similar functionalities.

Main uses

  • Windows Mobile phones are the best smartphones with exterior design. Also, the software is attractive per design as well.
  • Windows Phone provides an amazing experience to smartphone users, as they are easy to use. Configuring system settings is much easier than any other platform.
  • Its tile style interface is awesome, giving users a familiar interface as of a Windows OS.
  • It integrates with the social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more.
  • It allows customers to select multiple contacts and define a group for them.
  • It provides Office out of the box that is free of cost.
  • It provides various security features, such as sandboxing app, to safeguard unauthorized access of data.

History of windows phone

It was released on February 2, 2010, as the Pocket PC 2000. Initially, Windows Mobile was based on the Windows CE kernel. This included the collection of basic applications designed using the Microsoft Windows API. The third party developers have developed software for Windows mobile so that no restrictions were in place by Microsoft.

The Windows Mobile phones are now available with a stylus. This stylus is used to type and submit commands on the screen. Initially, the Windows mobile devices were available with resistive touchscreen that required a stylus for providing input. Later on, the devices were made available with capacitive sensing technology that did not require a stylus.

Windows phone official website

Advantages of windows phone

  • The smartphones with Windows Mobile supports micro SD card that allows you to directly connect to the system and transfer files.

  • Provides better video codec.

  • Support multi core processors.

  • Windows Mobile operating system provides support for HD display.

  • You will find latest Internet Explorer to experience better browsing functionality.

  • Provides support for playing Xbox.

  • You can also find the inbuilt Windows Bar Code.

Disdvantages of windows phone

  • In the growing market of Windows Phone, only a few devices have 1GB and 2GB RAM, which is not considered ideal for Windows Phone market.

  • Windows mobile devices do not compete with Android and iOS screen.

  • The single start interface may bore the users.

  • The browser does not support flash player.

  • No antivirus can be installed on their van.

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