Eternitech is an established, high-level Software House and Online Web Development company based in Israel, known as the best place in the world for innovative technology. It was established over 23 years ago, in 1993, as SLO Microwave Engineering Ltd. We started out as specialists in Radio frequency circuits design and developed several radio frequency products.

After several years, SLO expanded and entered into the software industry with the Eternitech trademark. Eternitech started by developing Custom Design Software products, which it still continues to do successfully today. Eternitech offers any custom online web development services of any complexity to clients worldwide.

In 2004, Eternitech also started with its in-house internet projects. We have expanded our marketing capabilities and areas of Expertise. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced with almost any programming language. Experience is permeated throughout the company, with experienced system engineers having Software, Web design and Online Web development capabilities in C++ , C#, Visual basic, VBA, PHP, Python, classic asp, asp.Net ,Java, Javascript, Go, MATLAB, R and almost any other programming language.


Our experienced web designers and web developers ensure our clients of their website’s optimum marketing impact with high-end modern website designs that we deliver. Eternitech aims to make a difference in the way marketing and advertising is done by using cutting edge technologies, powered by a commitment to excellence and quality. Eternitech aims to lead and set the industry standards in website design and online web development as well as in other online services by providing a full range of online and graphic design services while assuring customer satisfaction.


We are all about helping businesses grow their online business. We provide one-stop internet services to businesses looking to leverage their full online marketing potential. We listen to our clients and constantly learn what their objectives and goals are. Our clients can be sure that the solution we tailor specifically for them will make a positive difference to their business.

This is how we have been operating for years: defining the missions and accomplishing targets in a method suited for our clients’ needs. These methods have been field tested and have been found to be highly effective. Our teams work hard, building web, desktop & mobile applications, web sites, systems, application add-ons, online web development, browser extensions, software and hardware integrations and many more services.

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