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About vbscript

Microsoft developed the Active scripting language, which is used in a variety of Microsoft environments. This language is known as VBScript. This scripting language uses Component Object Model to access elements of the running environment. With the release of every desktop Microsoft Windows, VBScript has been introduced. A script developed using VBScript should be executed within a host environment.

You can also embed VBScript in another program using the technologies, such as Microsoft Script Control. Here are certain points specifying whether or not the VBScript is adequate for your usage or not:

  • If you are new to the programming, then VBScript is most suitable as it has a lot of powerful features.
  • If you are willing to learn ASP, VBScript is a must. If you are not willing to use VBScript for ASP, then learning of VBScript is a must.
  • If you are willing to leverage VBScript skills, then various avenues are opened for you.

Main uses

  • Popularly used among system administrators in the Microsoft environment.
  • Serves to be the scripting language for a test automation tool, known as Quick Test Professional (QTP).
  • Used instead of VBA as the macro language of Outlook 97.
  • Used for automating daily official tasks as well as monitoring Windows-based environment.
  • Used along with ADODB to facilitate the communication with database.

History of vbscript

Initially, VBScript was developed as a part of Microsoft Script Technologies introduced in 1996. This technology was initially targeted to Web developers. Within two years, VBScript was popularized from version 1.0 to 2.0 and later on it achieved support from Windows system administrators. On March 6, 1988 Alan Cooper showed Bill Gates the prototypes that helped in adding widgets.

Later on, with the introduction of the .NET Framework, the scripting team decided to implement future support for VBScript within ASP.NET to develop Web applications.

Vbscript official website

Advantages of vbscript

  • Simple and easy to learn and use.

  • Requires minimum programming knowledge and experience.

  • Performs complex tasks in the simple steps.

  • Allows to simply create and edit a variety of text editors.

  • Performs the addition of interactive activities to Web pages.

  • Allows you to edit and run the code faster.

  • Allows you to prototype code quickly to avoid the scripting of repetitive code.

  • Allows including support for scripting languages.

  • Provides simple structure of the basic programming language.

  • Provides comprehensive and interactive online help.

  • Allows developing graphical user interface easily and connect that to handle various functions.

Disdvantages of vbscript


  • The major disadvantage of VBScript is that the code needs to be downloaded from the remote server to a Web browser machine. This is done using websites or the programs without valid authenticity.

  • In comparison to the C programming language, it is not possible to declare or initialize array structures.

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