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About asp.net

ASP.NET is an open source server-side Web application framework that allows you to develop Web pages. This framework is designed by Microsoft so that the programmers can develop web pages, web applications, and web services. This framework uses the new open source .NET compiler that can be merged into a unified MVC.
The successor of ASP.NET is ASP.NET Core that is a re-implementation of ASP.NET in the form of a modular Web framework in combination with the Entity framework. ASP.NET is developed on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), thereby permitting the developers to build Web pages using any supported language.

Main uses

ASP.NET is used to build scalable, robust, and high-performance Web applications. Listed below are some major uses of ASP.NET:

  • Bundles and minimizes the size of the scripts and style sheets in your application. This feature improves the performance of the Web applications.
  • ASP.NET uses value providers to filter the data. You can also define customized value providers.
  • Provides an excellent support in asynchronous programming; thereby, allowing you to read as well as write HTTP requests and response.
  • Provides support for HTML 5 form types.
  • As ASP.NET is the server-side technology, it executes on the server prior to being sent to the browser.

History of asp.net

After the four years spent in development and release of beta versions in 2000 and 2001, ASP.NET was introduced to the public in January 5, 2002 as an element of the .NET framework. Prior to the release, a variety of books had been released and Microsoft promoted it as the platform for Web services. ASP.NET is a programming language identical or similar to HTML. The latest release of ASP.NET provides support for mobile devices.

Users of asp.net

ASP.NET is used by various programmers across the world to design websites or Web pages. To develop the dynamic websites, the developers use ASP.NET. To work with ASP.NET, you should have a prior knowledge of the .NET programming language.

Asp.net official website

Advantages of asp.net

  • Decreases the quantity of code that is required to design large applications.

  • Provides better performance by providing benefits of early binding, just-in-compilation, and native optimization.

  • Facilitates your ability to perform from simple to client authentication Web pages.

  • Simplifies your ability to perform common tasks such as site configuration.

  • Executes the code on the server; thereby, providing a lot of flexibility to the Web pages.

Disdvantages of asp.net

  • Provides limited access and control over HTML.

  • Aggravates impatient website visitors with the slower response times.

  • Involves complicated life cycle.

  • Provides limited support for testing.

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