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About codeigniter

It is an open source web framework used for the fast development of dynamic websites using PHP. This framework is based on Model View Controller (MVC) development pattern. When we say MVC pattern framework, model is ideally data representation by model and retrieving all the functions as well as inserting or restructuring the information of the database. View is the Web page accessible to users. And, the controller is simply the name of the class file that is linked with the URI.

You will find controller classes as the crucial part of development under Codeigniter; however, the use of models and views is optional. You can also modify this framework to be used with Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) thereby, allowing the developers to maintain modular grouping of controllers, model, and view organized in a sub-directory format.

Generally, developers love the speed of Codeigniter in comparison to other PHP frameworks. The source code of Codeigniter is managed at GitHub. This framework is ideal for the developers who need simple and elegant toolkit to develop highly rich Web applications.

It is considered as one of the most efficient PHP frameworks, as it allows developers to build Web applications while making learning simpler. Also, if you looking for a fantastic location for a vacation in Big Bear luxury cabin rentals are mandatory.

Main uses

The common applications of Codeigniter are given below:

  • Allows Codeigniter to outperform consistently for its competitors.
  • Provide sufficient capabilities to enhance productivity by offering third-party plugins for additional functionalities.
  • Provides clear documentation with the help of which the developers can easily build applications.
  • Prefers you to use MVC instead of enforcing its usage.
  • Provides simple, substitution based, tools, or plugins that are present for templating engines.
  • Allows you to use customized naming conventions to avoid the conflicts.

History of codeigniter

The initial version of Codeigniter was introduced by EllisLab on February 28, 2006. On July 9, 2013, the new owner for Codeigniter was considered depicting the lack of resources so that the attention could not be given to the framework. Moreover, on October 6, 2014, Codeigniter continued the development under the responsibility of the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Codeigniter official website

Advantages of codeigniter

  • Allows you to migrate from one server hosting to another in a simplified manner.

  • It is simple to learn, adopt, and deploy.

  • Proves to be easy in handling and customizing.

  • Allows implementing new functionality without disturbing the customization.

  • Provides flexible and simple management of MVC based framework.

  • Proves to be lightweight and extensive.

  • Provides awesome collection of possessed libraries.

  • Simplifies the configuration and customizes the configuration files.

  • Does not require configuration and normal coding rules.

  • Does not have complex structures.

Disdvantages of codeigniter

  • As it is based on PHP thereby, does not have object-oriented features.

  • It is company-driven instead of community-driven.

  • Does not provide built-in ORM.

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