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About python

Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language that is characterized by dynamic semantics and a high-level built-in data structure.

Highlighted Features.

  • It has a data structure that combines dynamic typing and dynamic binding.
  • Uses scripting or glue language in connecting existing components together.
  • Its free and open source.
  • Python is an interpreted language.
  • It’s a Cross-Platform Language.
  • It’s extensible and implies other languages such as C/C++
  • Supports Graphical User Interface
  • It can be integrated into languages such as Java, C++/C

Main uses

The main purpose of Python is the development of different web applications, graphic user-based applications, and software development applications, network programming applications, development of games and 3D applications, and development of scientific and numeric applications.

In addition to that, Python provides support to several programming paradigms. This includes dynamic systems and automatic memory management. Python programming language is also used in the creation of a large and robust standard library.

If you want to access databases easily, you can make use of Python language. The language e can help you in customizing interfaces of different databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and other databases.

History of python

Python was conceived in the late 1980s by Guido van Rossum at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in the Netherlands as a successor to the ABC language (itself inspired by SETL), capable of exception handling and interfacing with the Amoeba operating system. Its implementation began in December 1989.

Python official website


Official demo – how it works?

Advantages of python

Python Code is readable and maintainable. This is because of the syntax rules of python that allows you to express concepts without the use of any additional code.

  • Python supports multiple programming paradigms. The language features various concepts such as dynamic type system and automatic memory management. This is very important in developing large and complex software applications.

  • It’s Compatible with major platforms and systems. For instance, when you are using your PC to write a python code, you can transfer the same code to Mac, and it will still function.

  • Python features a robust standard library, which makes it score over other programming languages. From the standard robust library, you can select a wide range of modules according to your needs.

  • This is an open-source framework tool which can help you to cut down the software development costs. There are several Python frameworks, libraries, and development tools that can reduce the development time and cost significantly.

Disdvantages of python

  • You have to be a programming expert in using the Python language.

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