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About c#

C# is a programming language (also known as C Sharp) available with various features, such as strong typing, imperative declaration, functional, generic, and component-based programming languages. Microsoft developed C# within its .NET and later got approval by Ecma. This programming language was designed for Common Language Infrastructure. C# is the general-purpose object oriented programming language developed by Anders Hejsberg.
Microsoft had aimed to combine the computing power of C++ with the VB programming language. C# is based on C++ and has some features identical to Java. The C# programming language has been designed to be compatible with Microsoft’s .NET platform. Similar to other programming languages, C#, being an object oriented programming language, can also be used to exchange information and services over the Web.

Main uses

C# is a programming language that has many benefits; thereby, it allows programmers to develop enterprise applications. C# applications are considered to be economical in the context of memory and processing power requirements. Such a programming language is still in use for game programming with the XNA framework plugin. Generally, it has been found that C# and ASP.NET languages are identical and it’s hard to choose between them.

History of c#

In January 1999, Anders Hejlsberg has created a team whose name was cool to design a new language to represent C-like Object Oriented Language. Microsoft wanted to give the name of this language as Cool as well, but due to copyright and trademark issues, it was not possible. In July 2000, the language was renamed to C# and publicly announced in the Professional Developers Conference. By that time, not only the language was renamed but also the porting of the class libraries and ASP.NET runtime to C# had been done. The development of C# was the result of flaws in other programming languages like C++, Java, etc.

Users of c#

C# programming language, like other languages, can be used by developers to build console or Web based applications. You can implement various other concepts to ensure that C# programming language is working smoothly. You can now test the application to ensure the concept is working. It should be thorough and quick. It is now being used worldwide for the development of Windows application more than web-based applications. Some companies still use this language for web-based applications.

C# official website

Advantages of c#

  • C# supports language interoperability, which means it is capable to access code written in any .NET compliant language. It can also inherit the classes written in other .NET compliant languages.

  • Supports effective and reusable components.

  • It is portable and cross language compatible for all Microsoft-based languages.

  • You can write C# programs in as simple an environment as a text pad.

  • Provides the benefit of managed code and high portability.

  • Can be used to write a variety of applications because of its portability feature.

Disdvantages of c#

  • Cannot inherit the code and classes written in Java, making a hole in its language interoperability feature.

  • More dependent to Microsoft Windows.

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