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About electron.js

Electron.js is an open-source framework developed with an intent to enable its users to create desktop-suite applications using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Electron is written in C++, JavaScript, Objective C++, Python and Objective C.  This runtime framework blends two popular technologies i.e. Node.js and Chromium. This allows any web application to be to run on Electron JS, and any Node.js application can also be run on this open-source framework.

Main uses


  • It Uses web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • It uses npm module that consists of native menu for dialog and notifications.

Features the auto-updating and crash reporting features on windows and mac with Squirrel.

History of electron.js

This Open Source framework was developed by Cheng Zhao while working as an engineer at GitHub. This project started in January 2013 when Github was looking for a tool to build a cross-platform text editor which users can work on technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In July the same year, this Cross-platform was founded, and it was initially called the Atom Shell.

Electron.js official website

Official demo – how it works?

Advantages of electron.js

  • Electron JS takes care of the tedious steps involved in creating a desktop application. This includes steps such as Simplification of packaging, installation, providing support for native menus, updating, notifications and dialogs.

  • Electron allows you to build your applications with a particular version of Chromium and Node.Js in mind.

Disdvantages of electron.js

  • Its slow when compared to other source platforms.

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