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About asp mvc.net

MVC.NET is a framework that is especially designed for Web applications to be placed under three roles, namely Model, View, and Controller. The latest version of the MVC framework is 5.0. When we talk about Model, it means data access, aggregation logic, and validation rules. View in MVC encapsulates complexity; thereby, MVC offers a simple user interface to display the necessary information. The last is the Controller that manages the flow and business logic of the application.

ASP.NET MVC is a platform that is preferably used to develop SEO-friendly URLs that increase the hit rate of a particular application. Generally, this framework is used for the development of Test Driven Development (TDD) applications. In order to develop more rich applications, the scripting languages, such as JavaScript should be integrated with its applications.

ASP.NET supports mainly three development models, namely Web pages, Web forms, and MVC. This MVC framework is lightweight.

Main uses

The applications of the MVC.NET framework are listed below:

  • Its implementation in Web applications provides a standard design pattern.
  • The implementation of the MVC.NET pattern helps in applying loose coupling between the various elements, such as input logic, business logic, and UI logic.
  • The application of loose coupling between the three main components of the MVC application promotes parallel development.
  • You can develop interactive Web applications based on MVC architecture.
  • You can build scalable and extensible Web applications using the MVC.NET framework.

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Advantages of asp mvc.net

  • Provides complete control over the rendered HTML scenario. You can say that there will be provision of transparent separation of concerns.

  • Provides access to test driven development.

  • Simplifies integration of the Web applications with the other scripting frameworks, such as JavaScript.

  • Makes the application popular by generating traffic, using SEO techniques by the MVC.NET framework.

  • Provides no ViewState and PostBack events, ensuring the non-complexity nature of the application.

  • Provides a simple way to deploy the applications.

  • Provides consistent programming model.

  • Allows you to develop Web applications rapidly.

Disdvantages of asp mvc.net

  • Development of Web applications using the MVC.NET Framework is highly complex.

  • Small applications cannot be developed using this Framework, as it will affect the performance and design of the application.

  • In case of decoupling, the view cannot be ignored completely by the developers.

  • If there are frequent changes in the model, then the views will be full of update requests.

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