Uppercase, Lowercase characters converter

Uppercase, Lowercase characters converter

Uppercase, Lowercase characters converter

  • Uppercase and Lowercase characters converter

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What is Case Converter Tool?

Have you ever typed a document, realized you made a few capitalization errors and wished you didn’t have to spend so much time editing? It happens frequently, and if you’re using a standard word processor, your errors will be autocorrected as you type, but such software only corrects grammatical problems. You’ll have to do it manually if you need to capitalize an entire section. And all of this takes time.

Case converter tool is for anyone who forgets to check the little light near their CAPS lock key. Have you ever been in a scenario where you needed to submit an essential document in full capital letters, but you completed it in lower case? Well rectifying the mistake is now simple and easy with the help of an online case converter. Therefore this tool is quite famous in IT Company USA.

Benefits of Online Case Converter

  • With normal text, ignore the chance of any incorrect capitalisation.
  • Convert the selected text to uppercase, lowercase, or a variety of other styles.
  • Restore any prior formatting that was modified inadvertently.
  • Remove any unwanted formatting from the document and convert it to plain text.
  • To use this free case converter, you need not be computer savvy. It does not require any complex command or program. It is easy to use and you can see the results absolutely quickly.

How To Use the Case Converter tool?

Online tools are invented with the motto of providing quick results to the user. You will definitely be impressed by using this tool. This is a simplified online tool which can be used by anyone who knows to use basic computers.

  • There is a big text box that works as an input and an output field. 
  • Just above the box, you will get two button ‘uppercase all characters’ and ‘lowercase all characters 
  • Just beneath the text box you will get the “change” button, “result to input” and “clear” button.
  • Type the words or sentences in the text box or you can even copy and paste it on the textbox and select the option ‘Uppercase all characters’ or ‘lower case all characters’ and click on ‘change’. 
  • The result is displayed on the text box itself. 
  • In not more than a few seconds, your words and sentences are corrected to the case that you request.


Upper Case: This functionality allows the user to show the targeted material solely in capital letters. For example, “My Name,” will be changed to “MY NAME.”

Lower Case: All input characters will be transformed into lowercase letters like. “What is your name?” will be converted into “what is your name?”

Along with the case converter tool, we also have lots of powerful yet easy to use tools like HEX Color Converter, convert CSV to XML and Unminify HTML. Although case converter tools give accurate results in seconds.

You don’t have to manually convert to lowercase if you mistakenly left the caps locked on. The tool will effortlessly correct any mistakes with capitalization in the text.

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