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What is SQL Formatter?

Nobody enjoys reading a lengthy code, even if it is a plain one. There is a significant quantity of non-formatted SQL code that is challenging to decipher and comprehend while reading the SQL script. You may find the task easier if you use the formatting options in SQL. In comparison to inconsistently written code, clean SQL code is easy to read.

SQL Formatter aids in the formatting of SQL code data and makes it simpler for developers to interpret SQL. With the use of this tool, lengthy SELECT statements can be made more professional and readable.

An SQL formatter can complete the laborious work of formatting SQL. A tool called SQL formatter online transforms illegible SQL code into readable form. It preserves all the details of the original, just in a different format. Therefore it is famous in all the IT Companies USA.

What are the features of SQL formatter?

  • The SQL formatter makes the statement more professional or provides an elegantly structured SQL statement.
  • The SQL formatter created in a way that it can comprehend most programming languages as well as complex syntaxes.
  • Instead of utilising tabs or spaces of any width, it aids in maintaining the visual alignments.
  • This free online SQL formatter can easily minify or compress your SQL code.
  • To clean up and reformat your SQL, use this instant SQL formatter online, which is compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

How to use SQL Formatter?

Here are the steps on how to use SQL formatter:

  • You can paste the entire SQL code into the text input box.
  • No matter how you upload the SQL code, click on “Format” button to turn the existing code into a beautified code.
  • You will get the results within seconds, further you can share, download and copy the result


SQL or a Structured Query Language which is the most common language for extracting and organizing the data which is stored in the database table. It is also known as the language of database. 

SQL Formatter uses server side logic to beautify SQL statements and SQL queries. It facilitates retrieving specific information from databases that are further used for analysis. 

Along with the SQL formatter, we also have lots of effective yet easy-to-use tools like free xml formatter, free online html formatter, and json formatter online and to compress or minify css you can use CSS minifier. And all these tools give accurate results in seconds. 

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