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What is Uncompress HTML Tool

Most people eliminate link breaks from the source code of HTML for the reason of saving the cost of the bandwidth and providing the service of faster pages. The Uncompress HTML Tool is one of the wonderful resources that perform the functions of the removal of the line breaks from the HTML Source code. It is believed that the files of the HTML are becoming more complicated with the different elements such as tables, style sheets and many others that lead to the enhancement in the size of the file as well. There are several IT Company USA who always keep an eye on the number of images that are available on a web page in order to maintain a fast loading approach. For this, they prefer in using the latest tricks of compressing the images for making the loading page faster without having any influence on the quality of the images.

Benefits of Uncompress HTML Tool

  • The main advantage of the tool is that the loading time will be faster which is entirely based on the compression rate.
  • The tool will provide an option to make the compressed HTML in a readable form. It doesn’t do any fancy code indenting.
  • The online HTML uncompression software tools are there that help in saving space in the files of HTML and make them more effective by focusing on the activities such as eliminating text line breaks, eliminating tab spaces and replacement of double spaces with single spaces.

How to use use uncompressed HTML tool?

For using the Uncompress HTML Tool you need to follow the simple procedure:

  • Paste your unreadable Html code into big rectangular input box.
  • Then click on “uncompressed HTML”
  • Within a second you will get the uncompressed HTML code, just below the “uncompressed HTML button, which will be the new code of the HTML with line breaks. 
  • This approach makes the code of the HTML more readable and effective.


There are many uncompressed HTML programs are available on the internet to help you uncompressed code of your web pages. But, our tool is highly reliable and very user-friendly. Any user can easily work using this Unminify HTML online tool interface.

  • This will make your code easy to read.
  • It helps to increase the speed of your website. 
  • It removes all unnecessary characters leaving only the ones needed to make your code work.

Along with the Uncompress HTML tool, we also have lots of effective yet easy-to-use tools like sql minifier, json minifier, less to css, and XML Minifier. And all these tools give accurate results in seconds.

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