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Generate the Email HTML Link Code

Generate the Email HTML Link Code

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What is Email Link Generator?

Have you noticed websites that have email facilities directly from their pages? Instead of asking the customer to send an email from their personal inboxes, don’t you feel it is easy if you have one that sends emails directly from the website without troubling the user to login to their personal email, copy-paste the address and type the body of the message all by themselves? If you are looking for an easy email option that directly sends from your website, you have reached the right place. Here you will get a Mailto generator tool that helps you to generate the email HTML link code that is uploaded to your website and allows the customers and users to directly send emails from the website. Although this tool is very useful and popular in IT Company USA.

How to use Email Link Generator?

The Mailto generator is very easy to use, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • The tool has 4 text boxes that work as an input field. 
  • In the first box you need to fill your email address through which the visitor sends you an email. 
  • In the link text box you add anything like “contact us” “mail us”. (Remember it is a link through which a user can send you an email).
  • In the “subject line” and “body of email” text box you can specify anything that is related to your business.
  • Then click on the “creates” button.
  • Within a second this email link generator will create your email link that you can add to your HTML code.
  • Instantly you can share, download and copy the code.


If your subject line or body contains a question mark, equal sign, ampersand, or double quotes, the code will be broken. If you must include them, they must be written in a different manner.

Email links, also known as mailto links in HTML. HTML email links can be used to create drafts with a pre-written message or a pre-filled recipient line. Email (mailto) links are used to link directly to an email address, when you click it directly open the email browser. 

Along with the Email link generator tool, we also have lots of effective yet easy-to-use tools like htaccess generator, html compression, and meta tags generator. And all these tools give accurate results in seconds.

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