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WordPress powers over 35% of the web. And, the chances are that your website is built using WordPress too! Despite WordPress’s convenience and ease of use, your website can quickly become bulky and take a long time to load. It is where we come in. We specialize in WordPress speed optimization and improving websites’ performance. We can have your WordPress website up and running in 2 seconds or less.

Website Speed-up

$149One time
  • Improve website speed

Worldwide Website Speed-up

$169One time + 24$ Per month
  • Improve website speed
  • Monthly speed test and fixes
  • Fast & reliable Worldwide CDN

Speed-up all the way

$199One time + 34$ Per month
  • Improve website speed
  • Monthly speed test and fixes
  • Fast & reliable Worldwide CDN
  • Host on Super-Fast hosting

What is the significance of site speed?

If you’ve arrived at this page, you’re probably having problems with your website loading slowly or want to speed it up as much as possible. If a website loads in more time, you’ll quickly lose patience and move on. Your website is no exception. Your Google rankings, Adwords, Facebook ads, and all leads generated by your website are affected by its speed and user experience.

Prospects and even current customers will be irritated if your website takes too long to load. Google dislikes slow websites and has publicly stated that they will not rank as high in search results. Our experience working with clients on their SEO has also been confirmed. Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics, released in mid-2020, emphasize site speed and fast loading websites.

They’ve concluded that soon site speed will play an even larger role in their SEO and organic algorithm. It’s difficult to argue that a slow-loading website has a significant negative impact on the overall performance of your company, brand, and bottom line. Implementing some simple recurring maintenance processes will help speed up your website.

Topmost WordPress Website Speed Optimization Company In USA

Eternitech feels proud to be the #1 company in USA for WordPress Speed optimization Service on Google with a team of WordPress professionals. Our team has helped 3000+ clients make the most out of their online business. With our guarantee to achieve a 90+ score on Mobile & Desktop without compromising the quality of functionality & designs of the website, we’ve come so far in our journey. We are looking forward to earning more happy customers as the best website speed optimization company in USA. 

We are the best performing Web Development Company. Our extraordinary services have benefitted several clients. Want to boost your site? Look no further! Get assured results by Eternitech and shine among the competition. As an SEO Services Company in USA, we help you jump high in the Google rankings & profitable conversions. Make the better choice today and remain satisfied forever. As the largest Website Design Company in the USA, we offer the most competent web design and development services.

Five Benefits Of Website Speed Optimization services
Measuring Page Speed With Caution
Optimization of Media Content
Complex Hosting Configurations
Activating gzip compression
Increasing Website Traffic

How Will We Perform Our Speed Optimization Service?

  • Image Optimization

We optimize the images placed on your website so that they do not degrade the visual quality. We make certain that their resolution and size are appropriate for the website.

  • Minimize Javascript And Css

To reduce CSS/JS delivery, we analyze which ones can be reduced while keeping all functions on your website operational. Upon analysis, we minify the selected files.

  • Enable Compression

To reduce the size of your website and its elements, we use Gzip compression. Gzip is the most widely used and efficient compression method.

  • Enable Content Delivery Network

We will assist you in establishing a Content Delivery Network, which will be beneficial if you have a large number of daily visitors or a large website with a lot of media.

  • Caching In The Browser

We install browser caching on your website, which ensures that web pages load quickly by saving the cache of your web page on the browser of your user. 

  • Reduced Server Response Time

If your hosting provider does not reduce server response time, we will move your website for free to our fully managed WordPress hosting environment.

  • Codes For Cleaning Up

We thoroughly examine each page that requires speed optimization and remove all blank spaces, unnecessary characters, unused/duplicate scripts, etc.

  • Dns Level Firewall

A DNS-level firewall is exceptionally good at identifying genuine website traffic in contrast to bad requests and significantly helps reduce the load on your WordPress hosting server.

  • Expires Headers & Cache-Control

The cache-control header enables client-side caching and specifies the maximum age for a resource. The expires header specifies when the resource will no longer be valid.

We Guarantee Page Speed Results With Site Speed Optimization!

Our Mobile App Development Company has a diverse team of qualified professionals and developers. They are at the top of their game and can handle any task you have for them. We guarantee our clients 90% plus results in Google PageSpeed Insights & a page speed load time of 2 seconds or less in GTMetrix.

We have yet to find a website that we cannot optimize after providing WordPress Speed Optimization for over a thousand WordPress websites. So you can entrust us with your website, and we guarantee that it will load in less than 2 seconds. We have earned a lot of name and fame as a PPC Services Company, and similarly, we want to be on the top as a website optimization company.

Frequently Asked Questions

It could take a minimum of 3 minutes to a maximum of 3 days. The time taken to speed up your website will depend on many factors. It could be anything wrong with the site, code, server, etc. Sure, you could do some simple fixes and gain a bit, but a full site optimization takes time. Hiring an IT Company in USA will save you a lot of time.

There are several ways for eCommerce site speed optimization. For optimizing your eCommerce website, you can follow the below methods –

  1. Reduce Size of Page
  2. Use a Content Delivery Network
  3. Compress Data
  4. Specify Image Dimensions
  5. Speed up Your Website
  6. Optimize Platform Configuration
  7. Avoid Redirects
  8. Use Fast Hosting Servers

Yes, we will do that. Being a Page Speed Optimization Company, we can fix the site speed issue for any website. High quality generally means larger file sizes, and larger file sizes can make your WooCommerce site slow. The solution to avoid this is to optimize your images. Especially given that images represent 50% of the loading time of a website. By optimizing the images on your website, we will help you fix your issue.