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Your project starts with what users recognize and interact with. Poor development will undoubtedly harm your brand and user experience. Eternitech is the best client side web developer in USA that protects you from falling into this immediate risk by developing a complete package website from an intuitive feel.

We offer everything for client side web development. Right away from the functional experience to swiftness while ensuring you set off with the right strategies. Because hitting the bull’s eye without the right UX strategy is not possible. We are known for creating the most user-friendly user interfaces to serve the true purpose of client administration.
Eternitech specializes in client-side web development. We combine our knowledge and skills in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Responsive Design with Bootstrap/Foundation. We also offer Sever & Service integration to provide you with the right solution that fits into your business. Our developers ensure optimum functionality through their top-notch coding.

What is client side development?

In web design, ‘client side’ refers to everything in a web application on the client end. It includes what the user sees, such as text, images, and the rest of the UI. It also consists of any actions that an application performs within the user’s browser.

The browser interprets markup languages like HTML and CSS on the client side. Many developers are including client-side processes in their application architecture. JavaScript is almost always used to write client-side processes.

Although these two terms do not mean the same thing, the client side is also known as the frontend. The client-side refers solely to where processes are executed, whereas the front end is concerned with client-side processes.

A dynamic web page does not display the same content for all users and changes based on user input. The Facebook homepage is a dynamic page; the Facebook login page is static for the most part.

Technologies we use

Client Side Web Development

Whether you need a single-page application, want us to turn your website into a responsive site, do CMS integration, or do application development, we have the right talent to turn your needs into a reality.

Our priority is always to strengthen our team’s skill set to deliver a user interface that exceeds the client’s expectations. We majorly work on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular.js, React.js, jQuery and Enber.js.

With a large client base and numerous web products successfully launched into the global market, we proudly state that we know what we’re doing and how to do it. We have gradually and steadily built Eternitech by bringing in only the brightest minds in the industry.

We provide necessary training to our teams to constantly update with the latest technologies. Consequently, they can implement the same to give you the best solutions for Mobile App Development, meeting all your requirements.


Which website is best static or dynamic?

Dynamic means active and capable of more action and change, whereas static means fixed and unchangeable. Client side web development is related to developing dynamic websites that the users can easily access.

Static web development
Static websites are created using simple HTML and CSS codes that serve all information from the server to the browser. Because this information and data are static, they will not change unless manually changed. There is no use of databases for data redecoration on these websites. Because static data is used, static websites load faster. Static web pages are easy to create.
Dynamic web development
Dynamic websites are built with high-level server-side programming languages like asp dot net, PHP, and python. Because the data is dynamic, it changes on its own. An admin panel allows us to manage the website. It transports data to a database. These websites are more functional, and they use both server-side and client-side programming languages. Because of the large amount of data carried it takes a little longer to load than static websites.

Our work approach

Understanding your business goal

Your website is the foundation pillar of your brand and online presence. Before starting the client side web development for your website, we understand your business goals. As per your business requirements, we have decided on the UI and UX for your website.

Benefits of client side web development

  • High-quality codes
  • SEO friendly website
  • Readymade beautiful templates
  • Complete control of your website
  • Gives a uniqueness to your brand
  • Grows the reputation of your brand
  • Add modules to upgrade site features
  • Updating the features on websites is easier
  • Upgrade features according to business expansion
  • Ability to make changes in both the back end and the front end

What makes us different?


We are software artisans building scalable products users love to use and within their budget. We create any website at a reasonable cost.


We help you identify and address unexpected, unplanned technology challenges and exploit technology to drive growth. We combine creativity with innovation to get desirable results.


Our passionate team identifies new, hidden business opportunities and uses technology to make you competitive. We specialize in developing high-power websites compatible with all devices. 


As a powerful and dedicated client side web development team of website designers and developers, we give our best to make a project successful.


Our highly experienced team of coders creates a responsive layout for all devices. We create delightful experiences that turn customers into your brand advocates.


We offer reliable services for designing and developing every type of custom website. We use advanced technology and powerful frameworks to make a future-ready website.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular client-side programming languages?

The most popular client side scripting language involves HTML5, JavaScript, VBScript, AJAX, and jQuery.

What are the advantages of client side development in my business?

Client side application development can reduce your website or app’s server-side workload and costs. It will also offer a greater customer experience.

What are the examples of client-side technologies?

Angular.js, React.js, Ember.js, Aurelia.js, and Knockout.js, are some of the examples of client-side technologies.

What are the significant differences between the client side and server side scripting?

Client-side Scripting:

  • It is used on the front end, visible to users through the browser.
  • Client-side scripting does not necessitate any interaction with the server.
  • Validation is accomplished through the use of client-side scripting.

Server-side Scripting:

  • It’s used on the backend when the source code isn’t visible or hidden in the client browser.
  • A server-side script communicates with the server when it is executed.

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