Project Description

Server Side development

Eternitech has developed a multitude of server side development projects in the past few years. We offer Server and DB development services with attention on security, high availability, and scalability to develop connected applications and the web. After all, if the applications are scalable and available all the time, then you can expect good business and a good reputation.


Depending upon the business requirements, every client has different needs. We understand this well; therefore, we work closely with every client starting from the information collection to designing to development to load testing to stress management to billing. At every step we seek the feedback of our clients so that we deliver the best solutions, meeting every single need of the client while ensuring a high level of security, scalability, and high availability, because these three parameters are a must for the good will of connected applications and the web.

Related Technologies

  • Client-side scripting.
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • .NET
  • Amazon / Google / Bluemix and any other IaaS
  • Edge Side Includes
  • JSP / JAVA
  • Python
  • Perl/Plack
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • And almost any other Web development technology


We welcome and are eager to offer effective solutions with respect to server side development, while including custom APIs in our Server and DB development projects. Whether you are looking for Integration with 3rd party data feeds or Integration with 3rd party APIs for Reporting / billing without much complex coding, we are just right for you.

Our team looks into every single aspect of the coding process without any sort of outsourcing to make sure that every aspect is given as much attention as the others. Our services are perfect for clients who are in need for applications that meet high-standard parameters, such as Security, high availability, and scalability.

We diligently offer the services mentioned below:

  • Server and DB development
  • Integration with 3rd party data feeds
  • Integration with 3rd party APIs for Reporting, Billing
  • Custom APIs development
  • Load testing
  • Web applications
  • Highly scalable arcitecture


We have a team of highly skilled server side developers who are able to cater your every need with the bat of an eyelid. We work in tandem with our clients, along each step of the way from the designing phase to the development phase to load testing and performance evaluation.

Contact us to know more about our service and how we can be your server side development partner.


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