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Social Media Management (SMM)

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Creating Brand Strategies That Resonates With Your Target Audience

A strong social presence is critical for digital success, but how to keep it active while running a business is a big question. Creating content, Web Development, monitoring your competition, and staying engaged with your community; the to-do list keeps growing. But that’s where we come in—with Social Media Marketing Services in USA. You can focus on your strengths while we handle the rest. Allow us to assist you in discovering what truly resonates with your target audience and keeping you connected in every condition. Follower engagement, social listening, content writing, and relationship building are all skills that our social media team possesses. We’re always eager to help you elevate your social media presence.

Basic Plan

$159Per month
  • Up to 15 Monthly Posts / 1 Video
  • 1 Social Platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.)
  • Setup Social Page
  • Monthly Reporting

Standard Plan

$329 Per month
  • Up to 30 Monthly Posts / 2 Videos
  • 2 Social Platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.)
  • Setup Social Pages
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Facebook Insight Monitoring Through Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel Integration

Ultimate Plan

$479 Per month
  • Up to 40 Monthly Posts / 4 Videos
  • 3 Social Platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.)
  • Setup Social Pages
  • Monthly and Weekly Reporting
  • Facebook Insight Monitoring Through Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel Integration

What Does Eternitech Do As A Social Media Marketing Company?

Usually, people search on Google or eCommerce websites. However, the results often don’t turn out as expected. And upon calling and visiting the vendor, the quality of the service sometimes turns out to be less than desirable. Many SMEs have to go through this process, which often leads to a lack of confidence in vendors. To help SMEs find the right partner, we founded Eternitech, the best Social Media Management Company in USA that uses technology to solve problems. We assist enterprises in earning trust and enable them to be seen as authentic and transparent companies when people search for their services. We focus on B2B service aggregation. Apart from this, what makes us unique is our AI & ML-based curation and the ease with which decision points are provided to buyers.

Take your company to the top of Search Engines by partnering with the best social media marketing company in USA

Major Social Media Platforms To Grow Your Business

Every social media network is distinct, with distinct online advantages for businesses. However, keeping track of the differences between each can be difficult. We assist our clients in navigating the complexities of each platform and identifying the best opportunities for their business as the best Social Media Management Company. Along with holding the title of best web development company in the USA.

  • Facebook

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform, with 2.8 billion monthly users. Engaging, informative content, boosted posts, and Facebook ads can help you connect with your audience and promote your business.

  • Instagram

With engaging photos, videos, and Reels, you can build a community of loyal followers and brand enthusiasts. As a business on Instagram, you’ll benefit from the platform because it aids 83 percent of its users to make purchasing decisions.

  • Twitter

Twitter’s fast-paced environment makes it easy to deliver your message to a broad audience quickly. This platform is ideal for providing customers with customer service, allowing them to connect with your company, and allowing them to see your brand personality.

  • LinkedIn

On the most popular B2B network, LinkedIn, start building valuable relationships with business owners and top decision-makers. You can improve your brand visibility in your target market by using intelligent content and targeted ads.

  • YouTube

As the second-largest search engine, YouTube is a powerful tool for businesses, providing a vast platform for sharing audio and video content, boosting your online presence, and gaining exposure for your products and services.

  • Pinterest

This platform focuses on the discovery, making it one-of-a-kind and is perfect for companies looking to grow their audience. Acting as a search engine, you can connect with users interested in your brand through eye-catching pins and intriguing ads.

  • Snapchat

Use Snapchat Geofilters and ads to interact with your customers slightly differently. With the help of our dedicated social media team, we create an effective campaign that connects you to your audience and produces outstanding results.

  • GMB

Every business understands the value of Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) in terms of visibility and reputation, as it provides users with critical information directly in the SERPs. Enhance your listing with success-oriented posts.

Seven Simple Steps for an Effective Social Media Strategy
Define your Target Audience
Identify Social Media Platforms
Produce Relevant and Cirsp Content
Maintain Content Consistency Cycle
Engage and Build Cordial Relationships
Utilize Social Sharing Tools

Our Major Social Media Marketing Services

  • Curate Social Media Growth Strategies

We’ve seen social media grow and flourish over time, following the ebbs and flows of user demand and technology. Social media is a vast platform for brands to strengthen their overall online presence and create a community. It was created to encourage growth and connection. At Eternitech, we build marketing campaigns to achieve your goals. Our social media marketing campaigns drive customers, connect with your audience, and expand your reach. As a social media marketing company, we cover all aspects of developing your social presence while helping to grow your business online.

  • Advertise to a Specific Audience

Paid social media advertising campaigns have distinct advantages over traditional Pay Per Click Campaigns on traditional search engines. Social media advertising isolates people with specific jobs, skills, associations, age, gender, interests, hobbies, location, etc. With social media advertising campaigns, we target the searcher, not the search term, better targeting the specific audience you want to reach. We remain focused on our approach, evolving tactics and strategies with every new trend, fad, and algorithm update because social media channels provide such a fast-paced environment.

  • Keep Your Accounts Active to Be Effective

Social media posts are very temporary. To stay relevant and in the minds of your followers, you must post regularly. However, posting on social media is only one part of the equation. Although your company may be active on social media, do you have a social media presence? We can identify growth opportunities, stay active on your accounts, and keep your brand engaged with your online community with the help of our social media management experts and impactful search engine optimization technique. We promote high-quality content to increase your brand’s visibility. We have a highly-skilled team ready to create the best strategy for your business.

  • Work On Brand Reputation Management

We are experts in creating organic content and constructing marketing campaigns that maximize ROI. To be authentic and sincere, we learn about your brand and goals. Our team identifies the most effective platforms to concentrate our efforts. Our experience in search engine optimization and email marketing has allowed us to develop some of the best strategies for our clients. We strengthen your social presence and connect with your online community.

Social Media FAQ’s

Creating a social media page for a business on any central social media platform is completely free. Managing, monitoring, planning social media content, and designing takes time and effort. Eternitech has affordable social media marketing services for every network that offers flexibility and budget. Our social media professionals can build custom strategies tailored to your business needs.

The answer to this question depends on your business and your demographic. Each social media platform has its allure, and you’ll be labeled unprofessional if you use the wrong type of content for the wrong audience. Although all platforms support embeddable multimedia content and text descriptions, some allow text-only updates. Facebook and Twitter support live video, given your brand’s strong visual identity. Snapchat and Instagram focus on visual content, but they’re only worth considering to sell to consumers. Updates that are not related to professional life will be frowned upon, given the main purpose of LinkedIn.

It’s not acceptable. People follow your page and brand for different reasons, but it’s impossible to have the same audience. That’s something you can achieve through storytelling. Brands focusing on visual content don’t have to rely on one platform. Instead, they could begin a story by sharing “making of” photos on Snapchat and polished photos on Instagram.

It is where the distinction between quantity and quality becomes clear. It will not work to post frequent updates asking people to follow you or bring in more followers. It may appear that buying followers is a viable option, but it is not. Paid followers aren’t known for engaging with content and aren’t particularly loyal. You can increase engagement by sending high-quality content to the right people at the right time, and you can use creative content to encourage your followers to share your content.