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IOT (Internet of Things) development

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IoT has shown promising growth in the manufacturing and transportation sectors. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and other techniques open up a new level of automation and control. An IoT development company plays a significant role in this transformation. 

IoT technology can create more data and adjust systems to user-based needs in various areas, including consumer, healthcare, agricultural, and urban planning. IoT technology improves efficiency by facilitating the seamless connection between devices.

IoT also improves productivity and facilitates process modifications by providing additional data. As a result, firms will generate more income. IoT applications are becoming more significant as the Internet becomes quicker, cloud computing becomes more prevalent, and AI/ML becomes more prevalent.

Transform Your Tomorrow With the Internet of Things

Building the next generation of systems requires creative thinking, tech expertise, and robust processes. Eternitech, as an IoT application development company, works on innovative technologies, for example – deep learning, the Internet of Things, and conversational UX.

IoT Solutions We Create

Being the best IoT software development company in USA, we apply IoT technologies for several vital purposes.

  • Preventive Maintenance of Equipment

Remote monitoring of equipment performance parameters allows for the early detection of potential faults. Prevents production interruptions due to equipment breakdown.

  • Business Process Automation

To automate manual activities, commands are sent from control apps to actuators. Applicable to simple activities like switching on/off and complicated industrial processes, like robotic order picking.

  • Environmental Metrics Monitoring

Obtaining the necessary environmental metrics (temperature, humidity, pollution, CO2 level, etc.). Aids in the compliance and monitoring of asset storage and transportation.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption

Controlling energy usage intensity based on external factors in an automated manner. It can be utilized in private and public contexts (home and street lights).

  • Transportation Services Management

Real-time monitoring of cargo in transit to verify its quality and validate the compliance with transportation requirements. Monitoring process compliance during transportation.

  • Asset & Inventory Management

Remote tracking of assets’ geo-position and movements. Instant indication of low stock. As an IoT development company, we manage all the inventory-related functions using IoT.

  • Remote Health Diagnostics

Analyzing vital indicators acquired from wearable devices and reporting deviations from usual standards to a supervising physician. Telehealth and diagnostic processes at a high level.

  • Video Security Surveillance

A real-time alarm system for unusual behaviour in the monitored area. Applications include crime prevention, early fire detection, and traffic incident alerts.

Top Real World IoT Application
Smart Self Driving Cars
IoT in Faring
Fitness Tracker
Traffic Management

IoT Services by the Best IoT Development Companies:

Consultation for the IoT adoption

  • Examine your business environment and the tasks/problems you wish to solve with IoT.
  • Identifying the data that must be collected to achieve project objectives.
  • Consultation on hardware by the best IoT development company.
  • Making plans for a data center with enough data processing and mining capabilities.
  • Putting together a data pipeline.
  • Smart objects, data warehousing, analytics solutions, control, and user-facing apps are functionally scoped.

Setup of the IoT ecosystem

  • The data creation layer includes configuring IoT devices and connecting them to the network.
  • Edge computing establishes a decentralized network to keep data processing near the source, allowing for quick local judgments.
  • Datacenter setup: creating a data processing environment for heterogeneous IoT data, then using machine learning and data science techniques to find patterns and trends to solve problems.
  • End-user app development entails developing various apps (web, mobile, VR/AR, smart screens, and voice assistants) to deliver data visualizations.
  • Control app development: building web and mobile apps that allow remote control of IoT devices.

Management of IoT applications

  • Quick discovery of data quality, application availability, and usage concerns through technical assistance and troubleshooting.
  • Cloud management is keeping track of and optimizing the use of cloud resources.
  • Network, server, database, application vulnerability assessments; infrastructure compliance review; DDoS and APT prevention are all part of security management and regulatory compliance.
  • Application upgrades and expansions to accommodate your evolving business demands are part of the growth of IoT solutions.

Strategy planning for high-value IoT

  • We elaborate on the best value proposition for IoT adoption.
  • Investigate your business context, processes, and organizational hierarchy thoroughly.
  • Identify the causes of inefficiencies that you have noticed and discovered during our analysis. Damage to perishables in warehouses, for example, may indicate a lack of temperature control.
  • Describe the value that an IoT-enabled solution will bring to your specific business circumstance.

Prototyping IoT solutions

  • With a working prototype, we bring a general concept of your IoT solution to life.
  • Planning is the most important component of an IoT system because it is responsible for generating, analyzing, and displaying data and initiating innovative object response actions.
  • Planning significant components of an IoT solution responsible for generating, analyzing, and visualizing information and triggering response actions in smart things.
  • Describe the functional scope of each solution component: smart things, data warehousing, analytics solutions, control, and user-facing apps.
  • Visually mapping the connectivity of IoT components.
  • Preliminary estimation of a data volume that an IoT solution will process.

Planning for hardware

  • We can assist you in finding trustworthy technicians for hardware IoT components.
  • When determining and organizing hardware needs, take into account the use case and a variety of environmental variables such as temperature, humidity, light, vibration, and so on.
  • Make a checklist of 2-3 trusted hardware providers.

Automated data processing

  • Each stage of gathering, filtering, and analyzing data from smart devices is automated by us.
  • Creating a big data solution architecture.
  • Creating a comprehensive data governance framework (big data filtering, quality assurance, security, etc.).
  • Models for machine learning are being developed.
  • Data insights are visualized in dashboards.

IoT project planning

  • Estimating the project’s duration and cost.
  • Identifying the skills and expertise required to complete the project.
  • Identifying potential project dangers (budget changes, emergency expansion of the project scope, resistance to team adoption of new processes, more).
  • Developing a data security plan.

IoT development from start to finish

  • We can manage your complete IoT project for you.
  • Creating an IoT gateway to send the collected data to a data storage location.
  • Creating a data storage system (e.g., a big data lake and DWH).
  • Algorithms for sending commands to actuators in control applications.
  • Creating user applications to regulate the functioning of smart devices and obtain helpful analytics.
  • Testing for security.

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Major components of the Internet of Things System

  • Smart Sensors

The device connectivity layer is made up of connectivity devices and sensors. These smart sensors continually collect data from the environment and communicate it to the next layer.

  • Connecting Gateway

The IoT Gateway manages the bidirectional data traffic between different networks and protocols. It also interprets various network protocols and ensures better communication.

  • Cloud Storage

The IoT cloud provides capabilities for collecting, processing, managing, and storing massive amounts of data derived from various devices, applications, and users.

  • User Interface

The user interface is the visible, physical portion of the IoT system that consumers may access. Designers must provide a well-designed user interface that encourages interactions.

Rely on True Expertise for Value-Driven IoT Development

To design a dependable, cost-effective, and comprehensive IoT solution, we combine all resources, hardware, and software into a single framework. Our experts are competent at developing a solid solution architecture. It is scalable enough to handle many more integrations as a leading IoT application development company. Your IoT system will be able to manage thousands of connections at once with a high-load back-end.

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IoT development means combining hardware parts and software programs. The final product could monitor specific values, collect and transfer data, analyze given data, and cause the physical device to act. Creating such systems is a true challenge.

Eternitech can help you bring your IoT project to life faster. Our experts have the skills to be the best IoT software development services in USA. We build web and mobile applications that connect users, devices, and information.

We use cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge analytics, etc. 

Countless devices that you see in your day-to-day use IoT technology. Some examples include smart fridges, smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart surveillance systems and door locks, and smart cars.