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What is XML Validator?

XML validation is a method that checks an XML document for syntax errors in order to ensure that it is well-written and follows the standard rules using either DTD or schema. A entire XML file is not considered a genuine XML document unless it contains the proper syntax and restrictions.

Free online XML Validator is used for validating the files of the XML against the particular strings. The XSD Files are also known as XML Schemas that represents the complete structure of the xml documents. The validator keeps a check on the formation of the xml files and will helps in reporting all kinds of errors. The errors, when found in the documents of the XML will pause all the applications. The XML Validation tool provides the large number of benefits that enhances the functionality of the documents. Such kind of tools keeps a complete check on the mark up validity of the documents in the form of html, SML and many others. As a result many IT Company USA are using these tools to make their work more seamless.

Advantages of XML Validation

  • Consistency and thoroughness.
  • The reason that XML schema validation is chosen over DTD validation is that the schema establishes rules on the content, and the XSD document is written in XML, as opposed to DTD language.
  • Along with XML validator XML minifier is also a best tool to keep your file at the best condition. 
  • It validates SOAP, WSDL, POM , RSS, SVG, SGML, RDF files.
  • XML Validator online free tool works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

How to use XML validator

  • Above a big rectangular text box will welcome you which is an input and an output unit. 
  • When you enter the Xml content to be validated, the result is also displayed on the same text box. 
  • You need to just copy the code that you wish to validate and paste it on the text box or type them directly on the text box.
  • click the button that says ‘validate’ and the result is obtained in few seconds. 
  • If you click the button ‘clear’ it refreshes the page and you can use other code instantly.


Validation Process is dealt with XML Parser in two different ways. One is Well-defined XML Document and another one is Valid XML Document.

Yes, it is completely safe and secure, just as the qr code generator, because all communications with our servers take place through secure SSL encrypted connections (HTTPS). It helps to save your validated XML.

Along with XML validator we also have thousands of powerful yet easy to use tools like meta tags generator, and backlink checker. Although these tools are powerful yet easy to use. 

If there is no validation, the files cannot be viewed clearly. Mismatches or missing data between datasets can be plainly seen when employing validation.

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