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Broken Link Checker

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What is broken link checker?

Your website’s ranking and searchability can be harmed by dead or broken links. Internal and external links that result in 404 errors can impact on your website’s indexability statistics.

checking broken links on small websites with fewer than 20 pages is possible. But Identifying and repairing broken links on large sites becomes hectic and even impossible.

At this time a broken link checker comes into the picture.

A broken link checker is a specialized tool that aids in the detection of such links. This free Link Checker not only verifies your website and tells you which links on your pages are broken, but it also shows you where those broken links are in your HTML code, flagging problematic elements. As a result, you will be able to address and correct them with the help of an online broken link checker. Furthermore, it will help to boost your website’s Alexa traffic rank

Main features of broken link checker

Identifying errors and offering recommendations for ways to improve your website’s performance.

Error codes for any broken URLs, including 404 and 502 failures, as well as 301 redirects, are reported.

Broken link outreach features provide high-value links for your website. Even this tool is highly popular among IT Company USA.

Full functionality is available without the need to create an account or download any software.

Internal and external hyperlinks are scanned.

A big number of webmasters consider this free broken link checker to be among the best tools available on the Internet.

With lots of features, the broken link checker is completely  free for you, there’s no need to pay any registration charges and no signup process is required.

How to use the free broken link checker online?

  • Paste the URL of your website’s homepage to check your site for broken links.
  • Click on checker button 
  • Within a second you will get the number of bad links and good links on your website.
  • After getting the report, you can copy text, generate PDF and share to anyone.


It’s difficult to pinpoint which local and external (outbound) hyperlinks have stopped working and are now returning 404 replies. Fixing such is significantly more difficult due to the need for cleaning.

This is where our free broken link checker really shines: it will crawl your entire site and examine all pages for faults, as well as discover invalid web page references.

Our free online link checker works on any device computer, including Macs, PCs, notebooks/laptops/tablets, and even mobile devices/smartphones, and runs on any operating system, including Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Apple iOS, Android, Linux, and UNIX. There is no need to download any programme.

Re-run the URL through the broken link checker tool. This will show whether the fixes you’ve implemented have resolved the broken link issues. Along with this you can also get the benefits of meta tag generator.

If you can’t find the page, or if the site no longer exists, consider linking to an alternative external resource. The free online broken link checker. 

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