XML Minifier

  • XML Minifier

What is this tool?


Minification is used in computer programming languages which are used in removing unused characters from the coding without changing the functions of the codes. When you write the code, you may write it in a way that you can easily read and edit. You may include a lot of spacing, use new lines, comments so that it is easy for your or others to read and edit. When the code is compiled, the computer does not need those spacing and new lines. Having an extra space or a new line may increase the time to load the command. To eliminate this, the process of Minification is introduced where unwanted spacing and symbols are removed.

How to use?

How to use the online tool?

The tool is made of an easy design that can be used by anyone without difficulties. There are no confusing options involved. There is a text box ‘xml content’ which is an input and an output unit. When you enter the Xml content to be minified, the result is also displayed on the same text box. You need to just copy the code that you wish to minify and paste it on the text box or type them directly on the text box and click the button that says ‘minify’ and the result is obtained in few seconds. If you click the button ‘clear’ it refreshes the page and you can use other code instantly. These online tools are invented to save your time and hence using them the right way helps you to finish your work easily.

XML is a mark-up language that is read by man and also machine. The design of XML is used for simple usage among the internet. The codes for an xml language can be easily written in a note pad or word pad and can be saved with the extension as .xml. Do you think you can do the Minification process yourself? Can you imagine editing pages of codes in a machine readable format? It is going to be time consuming to edit the whole set of codes. The worst part is that, once the code is redone without spacing and new lines, you may have a hard time to modify or edit the code as it will be combined together. What is the solution for this?

Using online XML minifier tool

When you use the online XML minifier tool, it saves a lot of time. It is quick and provides the result instantly. You don’t have to go through the process of reading each and every line of the code to edit them.

  • White spaces are removed
  • Line breaks are eliminated
  • Unwanted characters are deleted
  • Combines all strings without affecting the code
  • Changes colour values to a hexadecimal value
  • Units are removed with 0 values

All these are done quickly and instantly. Moreover the tool is simple and easy to use. You don’t have to go through a complex process in using the minifier tool.