Alphabetical Order

  • Alphabetical Order Tool

  • Type of Sorting Required
  • Reverse Sorting (Z-A or 9-0):
  • Input Format Options (separator between the items to be sorted)
  • OR a custom separator:
  • Output Format Options
  • OR a custom separator:
  • Removal Options
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Remove Punctuation, and Brackets
  • Remove HTML

What is this tool?


There are many tools online that helps you to finish your work accurately and quickly. Imagine if you have hundred lines of text and you have to sort them in an alphabetical order. How would you go about doing it? Don’t you think manually sorting them will be time consuming and prone to errors? It is not possible to sort all the hundred lines in alphabetical order so you need a tool that will simplify your work in no time. There are tools available online to sort, convert and calculate. So, you have a tool for alphabetic sorting as well.

There are tools available that helps you to sort a list of words, numbers or even large information on content. You can also use the tool to sort alphabetic line by line. The best thing about this tool is the input specification. If you wish to remove the duplicate lines and the HTML content, it does a good job in that too.This tool is handy for sorting word, lines, text and many more.

How to use?

How to use the online Alphabetical order tool?

Using the tool is very simple if you know some basics and your requirement. If you are sure about how the sorting has to be done, you just have to select the particular field in the tool that gives you the accurate result. Let us see the working of the tool in detail.

The tool has a large text box that works as an input box for you to type the lines, words or content. You can either copy paste the text or content or just type them directly. The text box may look small but it can hold many numbers of lines and words.

Type of Sorting – The next option is to select the type of sorting that varies from Standard alphabetical order, ASCII sorting or reverse sorting (Z-A or 9-0)

Input format option/ Output format option–It depends on the input file that you type and the output file that you need. You can select blank space, comma, semi-colon or a line break for the separator between the items to be sorted. If you use any other separator, you can mention the same in the custom separator text box

Removal options –If you wish to get rid of the duplicate lines, you can select ‘remove duplicate lines’, for removing punctuations, select ‘remove punctuation and brackets’ and select ‘remove HTML’ if you do not want HTML files on your output.