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What Is An “Email To Image Tool”?

You can use it to convert an image to text. It will create a picture with good default settings, but you can change the outcome using different options. You can also choose the fonts and their colors and thickness and make them bold and italic as they can change the backgrounds. 

You can change the text’s vertical and horizontal position in the image and the padding. Finally, you can download and save the email to an image in four formats (png, jpg, gif, BMP). Eternitech is the best IT Company in the USA that helps to remove duplicate content using these tools,

What Are The Benefits Of Text To Image Tool?

Using a computer to convert handwritten text

Writing several business documents by hand could take hours or even days when you have to write several business documents. An OCR can assist writers in quickly converting free text to image. You need to scan the document and upload the image to the tool, and the tool will handle the rest.

Converting a PDF to a Word Document

Business emails are typically available in PDF format, and you may need to edit the PDF files to make them appropriate for your company. A text-to-image generator is the best option for improving your typing efficiency and your work product.

High accuracy rates of conversion

When you are writing with the help of OCR technology, there are fewer chances of human errors. Humans usually type the content faster to cover more content in less time. During this, typing and spelling mistakes can also be covered.

How Do You Convert Your Email To Image Using An Online Tool?

The steps for using the tool are as follows:

Step 1 – First of all you have to type the email address in the given text box. 

Step 2 – A huge list of font names available on the drop-down menu and you can choose one among them.

Step 3 – Select the background colour of your image.

Step 4 – Select the size of the font for your image and you can also select the colour of the box-shadow.

Step 5 – Click the button ‘generator’ and the image with the required specification displays just below the button and you can copy and save the image for future use.


One of the many applications it can be used for is scanning printed documents. These documents can later be converted into versions that can be edited with word processors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Print material is indexed for search engines. Data entry, extraction, and processing are all automated. You can create a hyperlink and help with the md5 password generator.

OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition.” It is a method of detecting text in a digital image. A common application is text recognition which can be used for scanned documents. You can also use OCR software to convert a physical paper document or an image into an electronically readable version. There is a lack of a color generator in these tools.

Yes. You can take a screenshot on your desktop, upload an image file from your computer, or capture text from a scanned image. Next, click on right-click on the image and select “Grab Text” from the menu that appears. Copy the text from and copy the codes into other programs and applications.

Our Text to JPG converter works just as well on a smartphone as it does on a computer. It is perfectly compatible for use on the phone, with all available sizes, fonts, colors, and pinch to zoom in and out options. Any text you upload to our website is completely safe and secure. It will never be considered for sharing or selling to a third party. Our database contains no content.

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