How Is the Internet of Things Impacting Life at Home?

The way in which we use the internet has dramatically changed the way we live. Twenty years ago, the idea of having an object interact with an online channel was not a topic of heavy discussion. Today, the Internet of Things, or IoT, is a prevalent topic of discussion. The IoT is any device that does not need human interaction to maintain a constant information stream to the internet. When your car sends a notification to your phone saying that the tire pressure is low, this is IoT in action. Read below for how this concept applies to our daily lives.

Increasing Kitchen Organization

The limitless application of technology has come to our home in many ways. For example, utilizing an application on your phone to schedule when your coffee maker produces a morning brew is one convenient option. Companies like Samsung are continuing to develop fridges that tell you how much ice you have, whether you’ve run out of milk and how the components are working. Some refrigerators allow you to order groceries from internet-connected tablet devices that are built into their doors. Modern meat thermometers send a notification to your phone when your turkey is done. Your oven can be connected to the network so that you may schedule preheating from your phone.

Increasing Home Security

There is a wide range of home security services and determining the right one for any home or person is dependent on their financial situation, technical prowess, and personal preferences. Price ranges can vary between security systems that will automatically notify the police should an emergency occur and those that send a notification to your phone if someone is at the front door. If you are uncomfortable with smartphones, you may prefer to utilize a system that connects to your laptop. Also, there are many security cameras with built-in memory cards that allow you to submit images as proof in the aftermath of an emergency.


Smart Home

The term smart home has been floating around a lot lately. This is not IoT directly, but it is a strong aspect of what makes IoT what it is today. Many times, you see smart homes associated with voice-activated controls, such as the ones offered by Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. These devices offer a strong basis to bring us to the next point, which is automation.

Automation in Your Home

Automating your home allows normal processes to function without any action required on your part beyond the initial setup. The best example of this is the smart thermostat. These thermostats allow you to analyze your energy usage, adjust the temperature from your phone and view related information anywhere you go. Apply this idea to smart lights and other electronics, and the potential to save money and energy becomes apparent.


IoT With Older Family Members

Many members of the older generation are understandably nervous when it comes to this technology. Introducing anything new into your home can be scary, especially in our interconnected world. But adding smart home features is a perfect introduction for those who have mobility issues. By automating many of their at-home systems, they can avoid having to lean over to turn lamps on or off. People who like to doze off while watching TV can save money on energy if the TV is set to turn off at a predetermined time. In addition, automating the home allows people to free up their minds to focus on more important things.

IoT With Your Kids

An automated home allows your internet and your lighting to run on a schedule, helping you to manage your children’s use of technology. You could dim the lights around 9 p.m. and have it so that Wi-Fi automatically turns off around then. There are many applications for these restrictions, and how you use them depends on your parenting strategy.


The world has certainly changed over the past couple of decades, and it will continue to change. The idea of your toaster and phone talking might have seemed ridiculous in the 90s, but we live in a different world. As a result, the need for security and the usefulness of security has been bolstered, and we can choose to automate many pieces of our lives. Define your comfort level, and your life can be a lot easier.

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