How Technology Has Improved Snail Mail for Businesses?

Snail mail refers to physical mail sent through the post office or another carrier. Although innovations in technology have allowed companies to send the latest sale or promotions instantly via text or email, sending snail mail is still a helpful marketing strategy. So, how exactly has tech helped with sending snail mail? The following list includes a variety of technologies that make snail mail a more effective and efficient means of communication than ever before.

Address Verification

When it comes to business, keeping costs as low as possible is paramount. Therefore, when sending out hundreds or even thousands of pieces of mail, you want to make sure that the addresses you are sending them to are occupied with actual people. Address verification allows this very thing to be ensured. Address verification uses an authoritative database to make sure that the homes are occupied with residents. If the database shows that an address is not being occupied, it immediately labels it invalid.

Programming Personalizations

Customers want to feel valued. If they receive generic marketing mail from your company, it may simply end up in the trash without even a second glance. This is why personalization is so powerful and important to businesses. It catches the person’s attention and makes it more likely for them to stop and read your ad. More specific programming allows businesses to automate the process of sending personalized mail to customers based on certain criteria being met or the occurrence of specific events, such as birthdays. Through simple coding, your next marketing campaign can be customized to your preferred audience.

Data Tracking

A common concern among business leaders wanting to get into the action is data tracking. Social media and email campaigns can be tracked easily, but what about mail? Luckily, technology and common-sense strategies have solved these issues. One of the most common methods is to input a QR code into your mail. Potential customers can scan the QR code to receive a discount or access to products early. This allows you to track how many of the people who receive your snail mail are actually taking action.

Contrary to popular belief, snail mail is still the way to go for many companies. It is not only a great way to stand out, but it can be very beneficial for local companies. Through technological innovations, snail mail has taken a second breath and quickly become a powerful tool for both small and large companies.


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