About Bornskier

Bornskier was the world’s largest resort database, Born Skier® is the quintessence of information on ski & after-ski for aficionados of winter, mountain & nature sports!

Technologies Used

Main Challenges

Our software development firm was enlisted by Bornskier to enhance their WordPress platform integration, integrate additional sources, and introduce several new features. We worked closely with Bornskier to understand their requirements, assessed the state of their platform, and developed a plan to implement the desired changes. We prioritized tasks, created a timeline for the project, thoroughly tested the platform, and provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the platform met Bornskier's needs and expectations.

How we helped

Our team created a development environment and became familiar with the code before proceeding to discuss all issues and tasks with the project manager. By doing so, we ensured that we had a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements and the current state of the platform before making any changes. This allowed us to identify any potential issues early on and develop solutions that aligned with Bornskier's goals. Our close collaboration with the project manager also helped us stay on track and complete the project within the desired timeline.

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