About Accessiblizer

Accessiblizer focuses on web accessibility solutions and technologies and aims to develop technological solutions to help businesses of all sizes, resources, developers, and budgets to take on web accessibility. The company's primary goal is to enable businesses to participate in global efforts to achieve online inclusion. 

Technologies Used

Main Challenges

The founders of Accessiblizer were searching for a skilled team to develop their online platform and WordPress plugin. They needed a team that could bring their idea to life and provide the necessary expertise in web accessibility solutions and technologies.

How we helped

Eternitech was approached by Accessiblizer founders to build their online platform and WordPress plugin. Our team collaborated closely with Accessiblizer to understand their needs and vision, and after conducting a thorough analysis, we developed a strategy for their online platform and plugin development. We utilized various technologies such as PHP, WordPress, and AWS to build an efficient, user-friendly, and accessible platform. Our team also provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the platform's smooth functioning, thus helping Accessiblizer achieve its mission of providing web accessibility solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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