CSS Minifier

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What is this tool?


Minification is the term to represent the removal of unwanted characters from a programming code. This process is followed so that the size of the code is reduces and it improves the load time. When a code is minified, it removes all unwanted and unnecessary spaces, characters, tabs and thus improves the performance of the code.

How to use?

How to use the tool?

The tool is simple to use without any complications. It has a text box ‘CSS content’ to enter the code. It has two buttons for ‘Minify’ and ‘clear’. You need to copy the code that you wish to minify and type it in the text box and hit ‘Minify’. You get the result after Minification displayed on the same text box in few seconds. You can copy the minified content and use it for further compiling purpose. Once you are done with your work, you can just click on the button that says ‘clear’ which clears out the previous content and makes it ready for your next code. Just imagine doing this without the help of the tool. It’s time consuming. Minification process can be done well only when it is done through the online tool. So use the online tool and make use of your time effectively.

CSS Minification

CSS is used to modify the positioning, font, style, colour and layout of the web pages. They are text files which are saved as .css extension. CSS files can be created with a word pad or a note pad. The code is entered on a normal notepad or word page and saved with .css extension. You can include line breaks, own formats, own comments and spaces when you write the code. When the code is compiled to a web browser, it does not need the extra spaces and formats that you create for your understanding. They are capable to understand codes even without these codes and spacing.

You need to understand that computer just needs the code so that they can compile. They do not need the extra space that you include for an easy verification. When you have too many lines of code, it takes a long time to load and it increases the size of the file which is not good for the program.

Understanding the Minification Process with an example

The below code in entered in a text format for easy understanding. This is the readable format for a human being.

Forum highlight/dark colors

Green forum highlight:                  #d2f8db                               RGB: 210/248/219

Green forum dark:                         #bfe5c7                                RGB: 191/229/199

Orange forum highlight:                 #ffeb8c                                RGB: 255/235/140

Orange forum dark:                        #ffd475                                RGB: 255/212/117

Blue forum highlight:                      #c3f0ff                                  RGB: 195/240/255

Blue forum dark:                              #b1e3ff                                RGB: 177/227/255

After Minification:

This is the readable format of a machine.

Forum highlight/dark colorsGreen forum highlight: #d2f8db RGB: 210/248/219Green forum dark: #bfe5c7 RGB: 191/229/199Orange forum highlight: #ffeb8c RGB: 255/235/140Orange forum dark: #ffd475 RGB: 255/212/117Blue forum highlight: #c3f0ff RGB: 195/240/255Blue forum dark: #b1e3ff RGB: 177/227/255

The machine can easily understand the code without the spaces.