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MSSQL (Microsoft SQL) server is a relational database management system that allows database developers to store Website information, such as blog posts or user information. MSSQL is the most popular and commonly used database on Windows servers. You will not get it free of cost, as it has advanced features, making it ideal for businesses.

Generally, MSSQL database is capable of storing data of any type of your choice. You can easily store and fetch information using this type of database. This can be accomplished using SQL queries. Some of the features of MSSQL are:

  • Buffer management
  • Concurrency and locking
  • Logging and Transaction
  • Replication services
  • Stored procedures
  • Views
  • Triggers
  • Analysis Services


Alike other database servers, MSSQL is used in various domains for database developers:

  • Allows developing intelligent and mission-critical applications.
  • Achieves real-time insights across your transactional and analytical data.
  • Provides a scalable database platform offering all features.
  • Stores data in the form of tables and typed columns.
  • Buffers pages in RAM to reduce input/output of disk management and stores all pages in the buffer cache.
  • Facilitates fetching data from a SQL Server database.
  • Allows you to program and manage transactions.


In 1988, Microsoft joined Ashton Table and Sybase to develop a variant of Sybase SQL Server for IBM. Further, this was the first version of Microsoft SQL Server and led to an entry level to the enterprise database market. This was released in competition with Oracle, IBM, and Sybase. In 1992, SQL Server 4.2 was released, followed by the release of SQL server 6.0 that was the first version for the NT operating system.

In November 2005, SQL Server 2005 was introduced that included support for managing XML data. Also, multi-version concurrency control of SQL Server 2005 was released that included various features, such as a new transaction isolation level called Snapshot. Further, on August 6, 2008 SQL Server 2008 was announced. Later on, on October 11, Microsoft announced the launch of the next version of SQL Server, SQL Server 2012. Further, SQL Server 2014 was introduced on March 18, 2014 and brought to the public on April 1, 2014. Finally, the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 was made available.


  • adv


  • Allows developing intelligent and mission-critical applications.

  • Allows you to develop mission-critical applications for OLTP.

  • Protects data as it is the least vulnerable database.

  • Transforms data into actionable insights.

  • Helps analyzing data using the R programming language and its services.

  • Allows you to develop content management systems (CMSs) and other scripts.

  • Microsoft SQL Server is the database application that is used for small to large businesses.

  • dis-adv


  • The use of MSSQL server is costly as you need to buy it.

  • You can run Microsoft SQL Server only on Windows-based servers.

  • You will find various compatibility issues associated with the execution of queries on other platforms.

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