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ABOUT jQuery

jQuery – The small and feature-rich JavaScript library is known as jQuery. With the introduction of jQuery, the manner in which millions of people write JavaScript has changed. In other words, jQuery is a JavaScript library that simplifies the task of programming using JavaScript. This is an open source library under the MIT license.

The use of jQuery makes it simple to navigate a document, select DOM elements, and build Ajax applications. This library is packed with the JavaScript frameworks, such as Dojo and YUI v3. Both Nokia and Microsoft bundle jQuery on their platforms.

The objective of jQuery is to simplify the use of JavaScript on the website. Prior to working with jQuery, you needed to have sufficient knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  This framework eases the complicated tasks from JavaScript, such as Ajax calls and DOM manipulation.

The jQuery library has been considered important for various Web development projects for both novice and experienced writers. You can start jQuery on your website by performing the following activities:

  • Download the jQuery libraries from
  • Include jQuery from a CDN, such as Google.


The most common applications of jQuery are because of its advantages and benefits.

  • Uses multi-browser open source selector engine.
  • Implements DOM manipulation that is based on CSS selectors.
  • As jQuery is cross-platform, it is required to implement and integrate it. This code can be implemented within Web pages. jQuery is found stable by linking the web browsers such as Firefox, jQuery.
  • Really, jQuery can be included within Web pages by associating a local copy with that available for public surveys. You cannot include the jQuery version in the form of functions. Instead the jQuery library is included directly in the content.


Originally, jQuery was introduced in January 2006 by John Resig and was improved by Dean Edwards. Presently, it is being maintained by Timmy Willison. jQuery is the most commonly used JavaScript library available on the Web. The latest version of jQuery is 1.7 that was released on September 10, 2007.




  • adv


  • Encourages the line of demarcation between JavaScript and HTML.

  • Allows developers to completely sell or provide it on usage basis.

  • Allows you to store data in the form of functions and many more.

  • Helps you to implement .NET thereby allowing developers to build subdomain of the HAQ.

  • Easy to use and simplifies the task of JavaScript.

  • Allows you to enable and perform functions easily as compared with JavaScript libraries.

  • Provides impressive library in terms of quality on the basis of defining the amount of customization to be done.

  • dis-adv


  • You should limit the functionality using JavaScript that may be inevitable in a few cases.

  • Runs jQuery commands even if the size is relatively small, which can be tough on the client-side computer.

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