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Apple iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. This operating system is supported by many mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It is considered as the second most recognized operating system after Android.

Apple iOS 9 is the latest version launched that has better performance than iOS 8. The iOS operating system has gained huge popularity in the market because of its easy-to-use interface and several other amazing features as well as security.


The main use of Apple iOS is to provide a platform for Apple devices. Apple iOS allows you to install many applications such as FaceTime, Siri, and Messages. Also, the update of iOS is free of cost, and can be downloaded in wireless connection. Your device will alert you about the latest version so that you can avail the new amazing features by updating the iOS.


On March 6, 2008, Apple introduced the first beta version under the name iPhone OS as the operating system. On September 5, 2007 Apple released the iPod Touch that had the features of the iPhone. On January 27, 2010, Apple introduced the iPad with the screen larger than the iPhone and iPod touch. This screen is ideally designed for browsing the Internet, view videos, and read iBooks.

In June 2010, Apple rebranded iPhone OS as iOS and later in 2011, iOS provided 60% of the market share for tablets as well as smartphones.

Major versions of iOS are introduced annually and the latest release of software is iOS 9.3.3 that was released on July 18, 2016. You will find four layers that are, core OS layer, the Core services, the Media layer, and the Cocoa touch layer. The latest version of iOS will run on iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and many more.


  • adv


  • Provides amazing performance

  • Produces less amount of heat in comparison to Android

  • Provides amazing gaming experience

  • Allows you to install a huge number of applications

  • Provides excellent user interface and the responsive layouts

  • Provides two notification menus in the recent version

  • Facilitates an excellent security

  • Allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously

  • Provides amazing experience

  • Provides support for multi-language

  • dis-adv


  • Limited to only iOS devices

  • It is not an open source operating system

  • Does not allow you to change ringtone

  • Restricts the connectivity to iTunes

  • Support only single SIM

  • Provides poor battery performance on 3G

Small Star - Online Technology