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About yii

It is an open-source, component-based and object oriented PHP web application framework and web systems development. Yii offers various features, such as MVC, DAO, I18N, testing, caching and authentication. The use of the Yii framework can reduce the development time, as it loads only the required features. Also, this framework has amazing caching support. You can implement AJAX along with Yii.

The security standards are already available with it. You can develop clean and reusable code using it. The MVC pattern is followed so that there is a clear line of demarcation of logic and presentation. To ensure faster, valid, and secured query, Yii has inbuilt ORM module. The implementation of Yii is faster in comparison with other framework and can be used along with CMS, such as WordPress and Drupal.

Main uses

As other frameworks, Yii is also accepted and used widely by the developers. Its main uses are as follows:

  • Helps in designing applications based on the MVC design pattern.
  • Generates complex WSDL service specifications as well as manages requests of Web services.
  • Implements internationalization and localization.
  • Applies security measures, comprising prevention of cross-site scripting and cookie tampering,
  • Performs unit and functional testing that is based on PHPUnit and Selenium.
  • Works well with the third-party code.

History of yii

Initially, the limitations of the PRADO framework were fixed by Yii. Such limitations were the slow process of handling complex pages, difficulty in customizing many controls, and steep learning curve. After ten months of the private development, in October 2006, the first alpha version was introduced. Further the formal 1.00 release was made available in December 2008.

Yii 1.1 was introduced in the month of January 2010, by adding a form builder, relational Active record queries, and many more. Later on, in May 2011, the developers decided to work with the new version of PHP to address the architectural mistakes. As a result, the version 2.0 was released. On May 2013, the Yii 2.0 code was publicized along with the stable release of Yii 2.0 in the month of October 2014. The latest Yii 2.0.7 supports PHP.

Users of yii


Yii official website


Advantages of yii

  • The installation and configuration process is extremely simple and easy to follow. You simply require Web server compliant with the PHP 5 framework.

  • It protects the cross-site scripting and the attacks from cookies with a high security mechanism.

  • To increase or enhance the popularity, a Web based project requires lots of support of social media.

  • Updates of Yii are free, tested, and easily maintainable to ensure that your projects are auto updated.

Disdvantages of yii

  • Requires extreme attention while developing code using it, because the code can immediately become bloated if you will not give your attention to it.

  • Provides steep learning curve so that it becomes operose for the na├»ve developers.

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