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About vba

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a programming language used to develop Microsoft applications, such as MS Excel, MS Word, and MS Access. This programming language is used to develop user-defined functions, access Windows API, and other low-level functionalities. VBA is similar to VB and uses the Visual Basic Runtime Library to develop VBA code.

With the help of OLE authentication, VBA can manage one application from another. Automatically, the Microsoft Word report can be developed using VBA. It is built into many Microsoft Office applications, such as Mac OS X and various other applications.

VBA helps the technical personnel to develop customized applications as well as solutions to improve their functionality. The advantage of VBA is that you do not require visual basic to be installed on your system.

Main uses

The common use of VBA macros is to:

  • Insert a text string
  • Automate tasks performed frequently
  • Automate repetitive operations
  • Create a custom command
  • Create a custom toolbar button
  • Create a custom menu button
  • Create a simplified front end
  • Develop new worksheet functions
  • Create complete macro-driven applications
  • Create custom add-ins for Excel

History of vba

The initial version of VBA was targeted to Windows 3.0 and was released in May 1991. The next version was released in November 1992, providing the environment to be used easily with an improved speed. Later on, the next version was introduced in 1993, which was brought into two versions namely Standard and Professional. Further, the next version was introduced in August 1995, and then in 1997.

Vba official website

Advantages of vba

  • Allows you to automate the tasks by performing them with the help of a VBA macro. This can be achieved simply by writing the instructions.

  • Allows you to perform the task in a consistent manner.

  • Performs the task much faster compared to the manual process.

  • Performs tasks in an error-free manner.

  • Does not need to hang out with work.

Disdvantages of vba

  • You need to have knowledge about writing programs using VBA.

  • At times, you can blindly assume that the VBA programs are always correct under all circumstances, but this is not true. The VBA macros work based on the instructions given by the programmer; hence, the execution is based on the instructions. The VBA macro itself cannot do a miracle.

  • The VBA code written in one version may not work on another version; hence, you will have to make necessary edits to execute the code.

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