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About react.js

Facebook has developed the front end library known as React. This library is used to manage view layer for the Web and mobile applications. You can create reusable UI components using React.js. Today, it is one of the popular JavaScript libraries that has a strong base as well as a large community.

React.js is the JavaScript library used to build user interfaces. The introduction of React has made the task of developers painless. Presently, it is used on various websites such as Netflix, Feedly, Walmart, and much more. The developers who are interested in working with React.js should have a solid background in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.

People use React as V in the MVC framework. It hides away DOM from you; thereby, providing a simple programming model. It allows you to develop complex user interfaces as the base of each building block.

Main uses

Typical applications of React.js are:

  • One of the biggest uses of React.js is developing attractive user interfaces.
  • Helps developing faster and more responsive applications with less work.
  • Helps developers resolve many issues when developing their user interfaces in response to data.

History of react.js

A software engineer, Jordan Walke, created React at Facebook. The engineer was influenced by XHP, an HTML component framework for PHP. In 2011, React was first deployed on Facebook and later on it was implemented on Instagram in 2012. In May 2013, React.js was open-sourced at JSConf US. It is the fifth most starred JavaScript library on GitHub.

React.js official website

Advantages of react.js

  • It uses virtual DOM that is a JavaScript object to enhance the performance of applications because JavaScript is faster than regular DOM.

  • It is applicable on client and server side.
  • Larger applications can be improved because of the component and data patterns.

  • You can use react.js with other frameworks.
  • You can easily write UI test cases because of virtual DOM system that is implemented in JavaScript.
  • The components designed using React.js can be reused throughout your application.

  • You can combine and wire the applications together to develop more complex UIs.

  • All UI updates will be automatically managed when you are making changes in the data.

  • The debugging of react.js code is simple as you need to inspect DOM to identify the component that is rendering a particular UI element.

Disdvantages of react.js

  • Only the view layer of an application is designed using React and further, you need to use the other technologies to get the complete toolset for application development.

  • You need to learn React.js if you are new to it.

  • It is not simple to write the code for components as it is so with HTML and JS.

  • It is not the complete framework; therefore, you should have a bit of experience in selecting libraries to fulfill the requirements.

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