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About kotlin

Kotlin is a cross-platform that is statically typed to function as a programming language using a type inference.  Kotlin as a programing language is used in the development of apps by android app developers. Its design interoperates fully with Java. It’s the best alternative for the standard Java Compiler which allows you to choose between Java 6 or Java 8 Compatible bytecode.


Main Features

  • The JVM version of this programming language entirely depends on its Java Class Library through its inference enables its syntax to be more concise.
  • Null Safety; Most of the Android app Crushes as a result of null pointer exception of the Java language. Even though Java does not provide anyways of null protections, but Kotlin handles null in the best way ever.
  • Expressive code. This means that the code is easily understandable by any programmer.
  • Modern Features. The fourth-gen of this programming language comes with new features such as Lambda functions, null safety, smart casts, operator overloading. This increases its productivity.
  • Interoperability with Java. This means that you can quickly call Kotlin code from Java and Java code from Kotlin.
  • JavaScript Transpilation Feature. The JavaScript Transpilation feature allows you to transcompile your Kotlin code to JavaScript code. This allows your Kotlin code to run on a browser.
  • Native conversion Feature. Using this feature, you can compile Kotlin code to native binaries which can then run without a virtual machine.

History of kotlin

The name Kotlin originated from Kotlin Island in Indonesia. Kotlin was unveiled in July 2011 by JetBrains as a new language for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). What motivated JVM was the fact that most of the programming language did not have the feature that they were looking for except Scala though Scala had a slow compilation time.

In 2012 February, JetBrains created an open-source of the project under the Apache License. Its standard goal was to compile as faster as Java. This was an improved version of Kotlin.

Kotlin official website

Official demo – how it works?

Advantages of kotlin

  • It’s concise, and this will drastically reduce the amount to boilerplate code.

  • It’s modern and expressive; hence any programmer can understand it.

  • Its safe, this is because it avoids errors such as the null pointer exceptions.

  • It’s interoperable which allows it to leverage existing libraries for JVM, Android and the browser.

Disdvantages of kotlin

  • Larger File Package Size; the size of this .apk file grows heavily due to the runtime and the Kotlin Standard Library. This is one of the main drawbacks of the Kotlin Programming language.

  • Although Kotlin might be faster than Java at times, its compilation speeds are a bit slow.

  • Kotlin is clear and concise though it might be difficult to decipher some bits, especially when they are tightly packed. This makes the readability of the codes difficult.

  • Since it’s at its adoption phase at times, getting helpful materials might be difficult, this includes developers’ manual and forums.

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