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About cakephp

CakePHP is an open-source framework that is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) and is written in PHP. This framework utilizes the software engineering concepts, and is distributed under the MIT License. You will get the flexible database access layer and a system, building both small and complex systems simpler as well as easier. This framework is used by the programming language, including Scratch. You can develop web applications in a simple and fast way with less code, using the CakePHP framework.

The stakeholders in a project are as follows:

  • Business Owners: Allows building your ideas fast without purchasing or paying licensing fees. You will be able to save money and can find the products sooner.
  • Project Managers: Allows finding the developers easily and pay less cost instead of commercial solutions.
  • Developers: Helps performing more by making less effort. There is no need to combine complex components and can run the first functionality.
  • System Admins: Requires minimum configuration and less file permissions.

Main uses

CakePHP provides various libraries to handle the common tasks. Many useful design patterns are utilized by the CakePHP framework to accomplish the desired tasks. CakePHP allows you to implement coding pattern based on MVC. This pattern segregates the logic with design as well as presentation.

In terms of security, CakePHP proves to be the best. It provides support for PHP 4 and PHP 5. The applications of CakePHP are as follows:

  • Makes it superior over the other PHP frameworks present on the market.
  • Provides active and friendly community.
  • Allows you to interact with CRUD tasks.
  • Implements MVC architecture.
  • Works from any website directory.
  • Provides support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and many more.

History of cakephp

Initially, CakePHP was started in April 2005, which served as the minimal version of rapid application development in PHP. This framework was published under the MIT license and was open for the online community of developers. This project was inspired by Ruby on Rails and implemented many of its concepts. In October 2009, the project manager had resigned from the project to pay attention on the other projects.  The remaining development team is still focusing on the roadmap that was initially defined.

Cakephp official website

Advantages of cakephp

  • Reduces the development cost and time considerably of a web application.

  • Serves to be remarkable in regards to the code generation.

  • Simplifies every task you do in CakePHP.

  • Auto-detects the preferred settings.

  • Proves that CakePHP is easier to learn.

Disdvantages of cakephp

  • Documentation is not the best.

  • Needs to update the default routes to create the URLs.

  • Constantly dropping in community usage.

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