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Recover Your Hacked Site

Most Trusted Hacked Website Recovery Services In The USA

Eternitech is a world leader in WordPress website recovery and one of the most trusted companies to invest in Bug Fixing. We have developed cutting-edge technology and employ cutting-edge equipment and the highest level of expertise for old website recovery.

As a result, we have the highest success rate in the industry for hacked website recovery for our clients. If we cannot retrieve the required data, we will not charge a fee to recover the hacked website. You will receive a price quote after we evaluate the storage device.

This assessment will determine the costs of recovery. The length of time required to complete the recovery explains the failure’s nature. Our fees determine the type of website that has failed, the physical or logical problem with the data, and the time and expertise required to recover the hacked website fully.

After our clients approve the evaluation results and we complete the recovery services, a list of files will be presented to them as part of the verification of a successful recovery so they can identify the critical files.

Get Faster WordPress Website Recovery

Site Recover

$199One time
  • 30 days free protection
  • No future monitoring
  • No future protection

Site Recover & Protect

$99One time + 45$ Per month
  • 30 days free protection
  • Monitor & protect with security tools
  • Monthly upgrades of security patches.
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What Is The Need For Hacked Website Recovery?

  • Protect Your Reputation

A hacked website may have advertisements or text and links that harm your business’ image. Protect your online reputation by removing unwanted content and spam from your website quickly and efficiently.

  • Remove All Malware

Hackers are constantly changing how they attack websites. With our service, you can remove it and be ready to fight new attacks with our extended protection.

  • Keep Your Users Secure

Your user’s information might be at stake if your site is compromised. Keep their data safe, including emails and personal information.

  • Prevent Future Hacks

Get recommendations on keeping your site safe after fixing it, and rest easy knowing your website is protected against future hacks by our extended protection.

  • Prevent Blocklisting

Search engines, browser operating systems, and many security software keep databases of hacked websites to inform and protect users.

What Are Hacked Website Recovery Services?
Problem Identification
Minimizing Losses
Damage Repair
Securing The Website

Our Recovery Process

As a reputed Web Development Company, we know the importance of website speed optimization. And hence we offer the topmost Wix website recovery.

  • 24/7 Support

You can contact our team 24/7 to obtain a free web recovery consultation and a written price quote. Purchase a plan to get hacks fixed at the most feasible cost.

  • Free Consultation

There are no hidden costs throughout the evaluation process. Our engineers will recommend the best solution once we receive your information.

  • Data Recovery

We recover your data based on the service level you selected with your permission. You can also easily monitor your recovery progress through our secure portal.

Best Practices After Removing Malware from a Website

We don’t just clean your website, Eternitech guards against future cyber-attacks and viruses. After our team has removed all malware and backdoors from your site, follow these steps to keep it clean:

  • Make Modifications

Check your website software for any known security advisories. All security flaws discovered must be fixed, and our professionals will make specific recommendations.

  • Install Anti-Virus Software

Some computer viruses spread through rich text editors and FTP clients to infect websites. To ensure the safety of your website, secure your computer.

  • Change Passwords

We will prompt you to do so across your site, CMS, host, and database to secure any potentially compromised user accounts.

  • Set up monitoring

The platform’s website monitoring and scanning system detects unwanted changes to your website’s content, DNS records, or SSL certificate.

  • More backups

A good website backup can come in handy. Our support team can assist you, or you can upgrade your plan to include low-cost website backups.

  • Turn On WAF / CDN

Activating the web application firewall keeps hackers out while improving our content delivery network’s availability and page load time.

Professional Hacked Website Recovery Services

You never want your site to be blacklisted, as it affects everything from warnings on search engines, emails on the domains rejected, blocking access to potential visitors, and more. Eternitech is a leader in professional website recovery services. We know how awful the thought of losing your irreplaceable personal and business data can be.

Being a Website Design Company, we know that everyone’s case is unique; that’s why our data recovery professionals take the time to understand your individual story and needs. Unlike other companies, we don’t price by the value of your data or the number of files. But we decide on the recovery charges judiciously and economically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard service can range between 2 to 5 business days. We are also available 24 hours a day for emergency services (additional fees apply). Emergency recoveries can often be made within 24 hours!

Yes, of course it is possible to recover any website.

Hackers often inject malicious code or files into your website when your website gets hacked. It adds additional data to your website servers and overwhelms them, leading to your website loading slower than before.

The degree of difficulty and damage to your website affect the cost. However, we can identify a problem, recover it, and limit the recovery cost.

SEO Spam can hurt a website’s reputation and block listing or even host suspension. Getting rid of SEO Spam is not simple, and you have to detect the problem, eradicate the infection, and ensure the website doesn’t get reinfected. Eternitech, the best SEO Services Company in USA, specializes in fixing SEO spam, and we will clean and protect your site from spamdexing.