Project Description

IOT (Internet of Things) development

Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of our lifestyles, as everything connected to the internet is becoming a part of our life while having smart controls. Day after day new inventions in the form of Smart Home, Smart cities, smart health care, smart phones, smart coffee makers, Machine to machine (M2M) connectivity, and among many others are being invented to ease the use and performance of specific tasks that may have taken hours or days.


We truly believe in the potential of Internet of Things (IoT); therefore, we have put in an effort to provide the necessary training to our team of developers by conducting intensive skill enhancement programs. Our developers are highly skilled and know their way around the Internet of Things concept.

Clients in the need of industrial automation, development of biometric solutions, or smart health care solutions can surely fall back on us. If the requirement calls for premium quality service, with quick turnaround time, then we surely fit your bill.

We diligently offer the services mentioned below:

  • Designing of IoT Sensors Node
  • Designing and Development of IoT Device
  • Designing of IoT Gateway
  • Web Application Development integrated with IoT
  • Development of Security Protocols
  • Development of IoT Protocols
  • IoT Cloud based platform


With in-depth and comprehensive understanding of IoT assistive technology and industrial automation, we are able to integrate IoT with just about anything. Be it, Smart Home, Smart Cities, Biometrics solutions, Smart health care devices, Machine to machine connectivity, or any other device, we can do it! We have an expert panel of Internet of Things developers who can provide flawless IoT coding with the least maintenance.

We provide customized solutions to our clients, and for this, our R&D team collects all necessary information from them based on their requirements and expectation from the solution that we will develop. Based on the collected information, our panel develops a process chart, which encompasses information from the designing to the development to testing and deployment. End result, an IoT setup that gives clients the benefit of an automated and connected system with analytics.


Eternitech has grasped the IoT concept and has implemented this assistive technology to benefit many enterprises through industrial automation. We have carefully analysed the pros and cons of this concept and have found it to be highly useful in catering to the needs of the current generation.

Contact us to know more about our Internet of Things (IoT) development service, and give us a chance to show our skills.


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