Project Description

Add-ons & Plugins for Browsers & Infras.

Eternitech is a one stop destination to fulfill all your needs to develop custom plugins and custom extensions. We are not limited to a particular technology or platform such as WordPress, Joomla, or any other technology. We have a team of skilled developers with a high level of expertise that can develop WordPress plugins, Joomla extensions, Opencart extension, Browser plugins, or any type of custom plugins you may need to enhance efficiency or performance of your website or system.


We cater to clients seeking custom plugins and custom extension solutions. We are veterans in this field and offer high utility features along with our solutions. We offer complete confidentiality and serve across multiple time zones. Our clients can reach out to us at any given time for assistance.

We diligently offer the services mentioned below:

  • WordPress custom plugin development and customization
  • Joomla Custom Extension development and customization
  • Opencart Custom Extension development and customization
  • API based toolbar options
  • Dynamic toolbar development based on XML
  • Custom IE Toolbar Development, Custom IE plug-ins development
  • Custom Firefox Development, Custom Firefox Extensions, Custom Firefox Toolbars
  • Custom Google Chrome development, Custom Google Chrome Extension development
  • Custom Safari development, Custom Safari Extension development
  • Custom Thunderbird development, Custom Thunderbird Extension development
  • Custom MS Outlook development, Custom MS Outlook Plugin development
  • Pop-up Blockers, Toolbar Building Services
  • Or any other technology add-on.


We offer customized plug-in solutions that truly optimize browsing experience. We have comprehensive technical knowledge with respect to programming for any infrastructure or framework.  Our plug-in and extension solutions are very efficient and dynamic and are bound to solve any issue faced by clients.


We believe in rendering client-centric solutions that can enhance efficiency and performance of their websites and systems. Before heading toward the development process, we take a note of all the requirements and specifications to understand what exactly the client is looking for. With all the required information collected from the client, our team develops a process chart, including the expected turnaround time while ensuring that the final product is fully tested in-house and at the client’s side as well.

Our quick turnaround time is maintained along every project undertaken by Eternitech with synergetic team performance and the high competency of our developers. They know exactly when to apply a quick fix and when to start things from scratch. All of these measures are taken without any compromise on the quality.


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