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Do You Need Help With Website Bug Fixing Services Or Removing Malware From Your Website?

During software evolution, bugs appear regularly, and bug fixes become increasingly difficult as software grows in size and complexity. Open-source project bug and commit data, Q&A documents, and other software resources contain a wealth of bug knowledge that can be used to assist developers in understanding and fixing bugs.

We take pride in providing prompt and knowledgeable assistance for bug fixes. We’ll respond and try to resolve the issue within 24 hours of receiving your order. However, depending on the complexity of the problem or whether your website has Server Side Development or client-side development, the process may take longer (i.e., Database Configuration and Phishing attacks). 

Our website maintenance and offshore outsourcing services consist of highly practiced web developers who have experience developing core web applications to utilize modern frameworks like, Java, Python, etc. This vastly efficient team offers you the services to hire developers, perform web development, and fix its issues and bugs.

1 small task

$29One time
  • 1 small task
  • 1 Website
  • Up to 2 hours work per task
  • 72 hours delivery

3 small tasks

$81One time
  • 3 small tasks
  • 1 Website
  • Up to 2 hours work per task
  • 48 hours delivery

10 small tasks

$249One time
  • 10 small tasks
  • Unlimited websites
  • Up to 2 hours work per task
  • Typically 24 hours delivery

The Types Of WordPress Bugs And Issues We Resolve

Eternitech provides complete bug fixing services and website maintenance services. Along with Client Side Web Development, our company has been doing WordPress bug fixing for 100+ clients worldwide.

  • Random Error

A corrupted .htaccess file is the most common cause of this error, and it can become corrupted due to installing a plugin or any other change. Get rid of it now!

  • Internal Server Error

The possible causes of internal server error in WordPress are corrupted .htaccess files and PHP memory limit. We get it resolved for you!

  • WP White Screen of Death Error

A faulty theme with PHP code errors or memory limit exhaustion is the most common cause of this error. Get it sorted out right away!

  • Theme And Plugin Issues

These issues often occur when you either update your WordPress plugin or theme to a newer version or after you install a plugin that is incompatible with other plugins on your site.

  • JavaScript and CSS Errors

CSS and JavaScript errors will often manifest themselves on the front end. The page will load properly, but it will not look or function the right way.

  • PHP and Database Errors

PHP and Database errors usually cause the website or a specific page not to load at all, or certain parts of the page will not load.

  • Forget WordPress Password

If your website is hacked and you’ve not been able to reset your password, then we’re here to recover it for you.

  • Continuous Logging Out Error

Often the users face the issue of continuously logging out of the website. In our WordPress errors fixing service, you easily get out of this.

  • Domain or Hosting Issue

Domain and hosting-related issues like SSL, data loss, plugin, or theme corruption are all fixed by our bug experts.

  • Maximum Execution Time Error

When you try to access any page on your website, it takes a lot of time, which means the code takes a lot of time to load.

  • Media Upload Error

WordPress media upload error occurs when you try to upload the images, then “HTTP Error” is populated.

  • Connection Timed Out

Another common WordPress error is the ‘connection timed out’ caused by an overburdened shared server.

What Makes Us Stand Out From Others?

  • Expert developer support

Every member of our team has worked as a developer or hosting technician for several years. Complex tasks are sometimes assigned to specialists with the range of support we offer. Because we provide non-stop 24/7 support, we can work on most issues immediately until they are finished. We provide bug fixing services as a long-term partner.

  • Track progress online

Thanks to our custom task management system, we can handle your requests securely and efficiently. We communicate with you via a secure chat thread and automatically monitor your site when you sign up with us. We will keep you updated on each stage when choosing our website maintenance packages

  • Direct communication

Requesting a fix puts you in direct contact with one of our engineers via our secure system. We don’t use contractors or outsource any work, and all of the responsibilities are handled by our employees. We’ll work with you to collect the information we need, and we’ll try to get you sorted out ASAP. You can also contact us through a live chat window.

Why Website Bug Fixing Services Are Necessary?
Unresolved issues conceal other bugs
Unresolved bugs result in duplication of work
Unfixed Bugs Results In Unreliable Metrics
Unresolved bugs result in erroneous estimations

Have You Considered Our WordPress Maintenance Plans?

Our WordPress maintenance plans allow you to create unlimited website tasks with no limit on the number of hours. In addition, we will back up your website, perform daily updates of your WordPress core, plugins, and themes, and continuously monitor your security setup, website health, and speed. There’s no minimum subscription period – cancel at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bug fixes are changes to a system or product designed to handle a programming bug/glitch. Many different programming bugs that create errors with system implementation may require specific fixes that are successfully resolved by development or other IT team.

Bugs or issues with WordPress can range from minor issues to full-fledged malware or hack attacks. Eternitech analyzes each problem carefully and plans a course of action based on the severity. Regular communication with our clients is crucial to us, and you’ll be kept up to date on everything we do and plan for each step.

A malware infection can be a serious issue if left unchecked. Malware Removal requires a complicated set of steps and aftercare through constant support, and that’s why we decided to grant it our special attention.

We will need the following details:

  • WordPress Login
  • Host Login
  • Description of the error.

When it comes to website development, WordPress is the most popular CMS. That isn’t to say the CMS is without flaws. In WordPress, bugs are common, and sometimes plugins don’t work well with the theme, PHP version conflicts occur, or website pages break due to CSS or JavaScript issues. We’re here to assist you. We take care of any WordPress bugs or issues for our clients at a very low cost.