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Speed up Your Website

Server Side Development

Speed up your website!

Faster websites – save you time, increase clients traction, and improve search engines appearance!

  • 100% money back guarantee if your site is not loading & acting faster!
  • Service proviced on sites based on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or HTML – Javascript.
  • add a maintenance plan to make sure your site is kept fast!

Get your site super fast and make sure it is staying that way!

Website Speed-up

$149One time
  • Improve website speed

Worldwide Website Speed-up

$169One time + 24$ Per month
  • Improve website speed
  • Monthly speed test and fixes
  • Fast & reliable Worldwide CDN

Speed-up all the way

$199One time + 34$ Per month
  • Improve website speed
  • Monthly speed test and fixes
  • Fast & reliable Worldwide CDN
  • Host on Super-Fast hosting
Money Back Guarantee - Online Technology
  • 100% money back guarantee

    Our specialists will check your website and send you a before and after reports. while we cannot fix anything – you will see at least 30% improvement in the speed scores – or you will get a full refund.

  • Speeding up a website is combined solution.

    To outcome with a fast website, you need to improve website itself, host on a great hosting, make sure your changes are kept optimised, and use CDN (World wide static fast content delivery network) to improve speed to your worldwide visitors (rather than – next to the hosting location).

  • Keep Your Users Secure

    If your site is compromised your user’s information might be at stake. Keep their data safe including emails and personal information.

  • We watch your back

    You keep modify and add contents to your site, add images, add pages and make your clients keep coming. Once a month – we will test and improve your website speed – so your clients will keep enjoying a great experience from your website.

  • Protect Your Reputation

    Faster website will bring more visitors, improve time on site, reduce bounce rates and will increase client satisfactory !

Terms of service:

  • In some cases there are commercial plugins or themes with known speed limits,  in these cases additional charges may be required to modify the website as part of the speed-up. All 3rd party plugins \ add-on required purchases – if any – are not included in the plans.

  • Webmaster and website administrators must follow the guidelines and issues raised as part of the speed-up process, to make sure the site is kept fast.

  • Sometimes customers have customized / encrypted plugins/themes in slow versions and usually upgrade to current/faster version will overwrite all customizations. in these cases additional charges may be required to modify the website as part of the speed-up process.

  • All plans are for a single website. if more than 1 website to work on, please purchase a plan for each.

  • The provided CDN service will make images and static data load faster worldwide, CDN services under the plan are limited to 10Gb storage and 10Gb traffic network. In cases more traffic is required or space, additional charges will be applied, or services will be limited.

  • Hosting plan provided – is a shared hosting linux based hosting with cPanel, 99.9% up time guarantee, 4 locations worldwide, SSD Storage, Specially optimized hosting, 10 GB Web Space, Unmetered Data Transfer, Free email accounts, and more.

  • Eternitech reserves the right not to provide services in some cases. in such cases – client will be informed about the issue, and will have the option to get his money back (before any action performed by Eternitech).

  • While on speed-up membership plan you are required to inform us with any substantial changes made to the website – plugins installed design changes theme changed custom modifications etc, or additional charges may apply.

  • Extended protection membership fees will not be returned to the client under no circumstances.

  • Eternitech reserves the right to stop speed-up membership, for any reason – in such case – the client will be refunded with membership fee of 1 month.

  • Services will be provided in English only.

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