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Build your own team

Build a full Tech team at a fraction of the cost! 

Need to build a POC (Proof of concept) of MVP (Minimum valuable product) in blazing fast speed, top quality, and low-cost budget?

Sounds impossible – but due to constant demand from our clients – we have developed a method that allows us to build almost any full professional technological team, with the exact experience to the client needs, at prices cannot be matched by anyone else!

With hundreds of startups in our portfolio and over 100 professionals in Eternitech’s teams across the globe, working on the most cutting edge technologies, we are more than confident we are able to take any challenging project!

So whether you need a single developer or a full team, need to start from scratch or support existing projects – we’ve got your back!

Check the team builder tool to see our low-cost prices for yourself:

Grow your team from only 999$ / month for a full time dedicated professional!

Great! Let’s grow your team!

Start by telling us a bit about you & your project:
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Now that we know all about your project and desired team,

All that is left is to have a short call with our

team’s CTO and account manager to check if there are any additional

fine-tuning the HR team may need to start providing you with CVs.

You chose a team of 4 - the first month for 3996$ then 7996$ per month

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Now let’s meet!

Now that we know all about your project and desired team,

if you cannot find the right time slots - you can always contact us by, or by chat and we will coordinate it with you.


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Frequently Asked Questions !

We support a large variety of technologies – you can review them here:


We work with startups, per-seed, seed-funded, pre-income, and sole entrepreneurs for over 10 years now.

We have developed a method to hire fast, the right team – remotely. While most people think work remotely may harm the deliverables, our method focused on fixing it, improving communications, and setting the expectations.

This allow you to hire full time senior full team – at prices lower than 1 junior local developer.

Yes! We get you the CVs and you will interview them! 

If you want us to choose the right ones for you – not a problem, but it’s your team, and it’s important that you will feel comfortable with them. 

It really depends on your project – most projects in initial phases just need the MVP as soon as possible – this will require short deployment cycles and tight communications with the project manager.

In projects that are already live – it is usually better to work agile and deploy release as a whole every week / bi-weekly sprint.

We believe every business needs full attention, and will always require modifications.

If you don’t – you can always ask us for a quote –

“Dedicated full-timer” – as it sounds – is a team member that will work 5 days a week for you 8 hours a day, Only on your project – waking up and going to sleep with your project in mind.

That make the team members have the same interest as yours – make sure the project will succeed, so they will keep working on it for a long time.

YES! All our team members speak great English, and our offices have a great internet connection.

You will have the opportunities and assess it for yourself before hiring. 

In addition, we work with the best systems for communications – slack, zoom – that can be adjusted to your custom needs.

Yes, we do!

Tens of our clients – from Saas startups to e-commerce marketplaces, or even mobile application based startups – many startups nowadays understand that they need to work differently to be innovative within budget, and Eternitech provides the best value for money today on the market.

All of our team members are chosen specifically to your needs – on the first call we design with you the required team, and we start the team-building process.

Each of our team members – have at least an MSc, and minimum of 3 years of relevant experience.

Every project has different requirements so we cannot really tell.

All we can say – in first few weeks of every project – the pace will be a bit slower until all team members get into the new project, your company’s mindset, and expectations.

That being said – most of our clients get their MVP up to 3 months.

There are no obligations!

You can always ask to replace a team member or stop the project.

Just note – after the first month – there is a notice of 2 weeks before you replace team members or stop the project.

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