About Exponeto

Exponeto is a one-of-a-kind and inventive system designed for hosting and showcasing digital exhibitions and conferences online. It offers an engaging 3D user interface, unlike traditional websites, that enables visitors to explore exhibitions through intuitive mouse or finger movements. Additionally, visitors can interact with other attendees through live chat and communicate directly with pavilion owners. The system offers a unique and immersive experience for digital events.

Technologies Used

Frontend development

Back-End Development

Main Challenges

Exponeto faced several challenges with its digital event platform and required support from an experienced team to overcome them. In addition, they needed a dynamic management backend that would meet their unique requirements. Since the technology used is not very common - it was a challenge to locate the right experts for the task.

How we helped

Our team of expert developers leveraged their skills in Aframe.js, Three.js, and Laravel to build an innovative and immersive 3D environment for the platform. We worked closely with Exponeto's team to ensure that the virtual conference experience is exceptional and met their requirements. Our developers' expertise and collaboration with Exponeto resulted in a unique and captivating digital event platform that sets it apart from traditional websites. Choose Eternitech to transform your ideas into innovative and immersive digital experiences.

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