About American Outlets

The American Outlets site is a site owned by the American Lev Cargo company operating in Miami, USA.
The company has established an innovative platform, especially for the Israeli consumer that brings together over a million products from thousands of leading brands in the United States, all within one click and at the prices of an American outlet directly from the USA to your Israeli home.

Main Challenges

American Outlets approached us to help them build a large multivendor e-commerce platform that required extensive catalog design, PIM, order management system, and more. They needed a comprehensive solution that covered all aspects of development, including design, implementation, and logistics, and the backend for the management of the platform.

How we helped

Our team worked closely with the client to understand their specific requirements and design a custom solution that would meet their needs. We provided end-to-end development services, including catalog design, PIM implementation, and order management system development, along with other key features. By leveraging our expertise in e-commerce development and technology, we were able to create a comprehensive and scalable solution that helped American Outlets achieve its goals and grow its business. We brought live the largest multi-vendor marketplace in Israel with over 4 million SKUs, over 32K categories, and seamless cross-border fulfillment process

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