We are an established, dynamic, and growing company that has been around for over 10 years and currently has over 20 employees. We are great people to work with – we are small enough to be a family, however, we are big enough to provide you job security.

You will have the opportunity to learn new skills and be a part of a company that does cool things and innovations.

Our company is a melting pot where we have people working with us from all over the world. Our work environment is an atmosphere where we who are called.


Our team is made of “Ninjas”, the nickname given to elite programmers, the ones that just look at a code and it salutes!

We are a dynamic team that was awarded First Place in 2014 (out of over 1,000 participants), in the Bank Hapoalim BankApp and StarApp Competition for developing Financial and General Applications.

Our application, BzBuzz shows users how busy a business is and the waiting time, by analyzing the number of credit card transactions information provided by the bank and by using Crowd Intelligence. Headed by our CEO, Shahar Albag, Eternitech also won a prize of 100,000 NIS, and attended many more competitions and innovative technological assemblies.

Ninjas love their jobs, they practicallt live it.

We love solving problems, whether they are complex or easy. We are a flexible company that handles large and small works.

Opportunities are ever present as our company continues to grow.