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  • XML Validatior

What is this tool?


As we all know that XML is considered as the mark up language that is readable by man and the machine. The designing of the XML is very simple to use on the internet. You can easily write its code on a notepad or word pad and consist of an extension of .xml while saving it. XML Validator is used for validating the files of the XML against the particular strings. The XSD Files are also known as XML Schemas that represents the complete structure of the xml documents. The validator keeps a check on the formation of the xml files and will helps in reporting all kinds of errors. The errors, when found in the documents of the XML will pause all the applications. The W3C specification states that the program should keep the processing of the xml document stop for a while, if there exists an error. The XML Validation tool provides the large number of benefits that enhances the functionality of the documents. Such kind of tools keeps a complete check on the mark up validity of the documents in the form of html, SML and many others. These tools are performing automated testing that checks the XML files for performing the various operations.

How to use?

How to use the online tool?

The designation of the tool is done in a simple manner that can be utilized by anyone without any restrictions. There is an element of text box called ‘xml content’ which is an input and an output unit. When you enter the Xml content to be validated, the result is also displayed on the same text box. You need to just copy the code that you wish to validate and paste it on the text box or type them directly on the text box and click the button that says ‘validate’ and the result is obtained in few seconds. If you click the button ‘clear’ it refreshes the page and you can use other code instantly. These online tools are invented in order for saving your time and utilization of the tool in a proper manner will make your work to be completed in a well prescribe manner and without having any difficulties.

Using online XML Validator tool

When you use the online XML validator tool, it saves a lot of time. It is quick and provides the result instantly. You don’t have to go through the process of reading each and every line of the code to edit them.

    It is possible to easy remove the white spaces with this tool
Line breaks are removed
Unwanted characters are deleted
All the strings are combined without affecting the code
You can make Changes to the colour values to a hexadecimal value
Units are eliminated with 0 values

All these are done quickly and instantly. Moreover the tool is simple and easy to use. You don’t have to go through a complex process in using the tool.